Let Them Eat Caviar! Vending Machine Dispenses $500/Oz Caviar And Other Delicacies.

Beverly Hills Caviar vending machine.Beverly Hills Caviar’s vending machine doles out some high-end delicacies (caviar, escargot etc.) in select malls around Los Angeles. It’s probably more Jubbling to sell products via vending machine versus having a dedicated storefront but we just can’t pat BHC on the back for this beauty. That’s why we’re tweaking Jubbling a bit: for genuine Jubbling to exist, a product or idea needs to be attainable for more than just the 1%. [Boing Boing and Gizmag]


Surprise! $1,000,000 Gold-Plated Vacuum Cleaner Is Not A Big Seller. Tired Idea To Gain Web Traffic With Shock-Value Still Works Though.

$1 Million Vacuum CleanerDid you hear about that $1,000,000 gold-plated Kirby looking vacuum for sale that hit the market with its own rap song? Probably not because it ain’t selling. I did hear about it and even read the dum back story on how its inventor came up with the dubious appliance.

That’s why I need a time machine. If I found one and could make one trip, I’d go back to the moment just before I visited the $1 million vacuum website and I’d stomp my laptop and smack myself for taking the bait. As it is now, that’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back. Where does this story fall in with Jubbling? Probably the part that encourages people to avoid bad ideas and wasteful consumption. [Gizmodo]