AHH Coca-Cola: Scientists Had It All Wrong. Polar Bears Are Actually Happy! Thanks Coke.

Ice caps, schmice caps!!! I just watched the video above of our polar neighbors full of joy and basking in Coke and I realized how much science always gets in the way of some good marketing. The “Polar Party on AHH.com” is one part of Coca-Cola’s “The Ahh Effect” advertising campaign and the Coke pounding polar bear plays a major role in it. Bonus: you can make your own happy Coke swilling polar bear video too! [Laughing Squid]


Sunrun’s Advertisement: Going Solar To Save $’s First And Then Maybe The Environment

Sometimes green is a byproduct of saving money and that is what’s so great about Sunrun’s ad. Created by Heat, a San Francisco based ad agency, the advertisement is one of three that all hit the same spot with saving money as the primary motivation for going solar.

Sunrun’s solar lease model is similar to SolarCity’s. Basically, they’ll install solar panels on your property at no charge and you pay them instead of your utility for the electricity you consume. Sunrun’s ads are important because they will expand the market by encouraging homeowners who may be motivated by a different kind of green to switch to solar.

Jubbling’s take: we don’t care how you get to solar – just get there if you can. [FastCo.Exist]


Reality Sucks Advertisement From General Motors

General Motor’s Reality Sucks ad showing the cyclist shielding his face in embarrassment for cycling instead of driving is pretty funny. What isn’t captured or explained in the ad is that the cyclist is wearing crotchless biking pants and the woman in the car is his mother. So don’t get upset cyclists, here’s your motivation to bike more and you can thank General Motors for that. Stop Pedaling and Start Driving Advertisement From General Motors
Stop Pedaling And Start Driving