Future Apple iPhone Could Include A ‘Shake-To-Charge’ Feature.

Apple's Shake-To-Charge PatentThe whole shake-to-charge idea isn’t a new one but adding the technology to a mobile phone could be a boon. Gizmodo (via Apple Insider) is reporting that Apple Computer has applied for a shake-to-charge patent for use in future devices. If this feature is added to an iPhone, it’ll allow the user to kind of shake-weight it in order to extend its battery life. The shake-to-charge patent points to electromagnetic induction that converts deliberate and everyday motions into additional battery life.

When we will see this feature included in smartphones? Probably not right away; according to the Gizmodo article, mobile devices consume more power than a space-limited, shake-to-charge feature could replenish internally.

But one thing is for sure – if you think it’s weird watching people talk to themselves using their Bluetooth headphones, just wait until the suggestive shake-to-charge feature is added to cellphones. Because that’s when people, in public, will manually manipulate their devices in an up and down fashion to get some extra battery life. Sorry. It sounds bad but the reality may look even worse. [Gizmodo]


Solar Porn: Apple Computer’s North Carolina Solar Farm.

Apple Computer's North Carolina solar farm.Covering 100 acres, Apple Computer’s North Carolina solar farm will be able to generate 20 MW of electricity. That’s enough to supply electricity to 630+ homes or in this case, partially supply Apple’s new data center with renewable power. [GigaOM and WCNC]


Apple Decides To Break-Up With EPEAT. (UPDATE: It’s Makeup Time)

Apple and EPEAT break-upThey had a good run but it just couldn’t last. One side was solely focused on creating the most advanced computer on the market and the other hoped meeting those design goals wouldn’t come at the expense of cleaner production and end-of-life recyclability. We were all witnesses to the end of this relationship, especially when the next-gen computer created was described as “Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable” upon its release.

We’re all holding out hope that you can reconcile. More than likely on updated terms but you two need each other and we need you to need each other. (There’s a thorough article on the Apple/EPEAT break-up on Core77)

Update: July 13, 2012 The relationship is on again and we’re positive it had nothing to do with our article encouraging a reconciliation. According to GigaOM in “Apple backs down: Macs will stay EPEAT certified,” Apple wanted EPEAT back. And outgoing Senior VP of Hardware Engineering, Bob Mansfield, believes that “[Apple’s] relationship with EPEAT has become stronger as a result of this experience.” The Retina display MacBook Pro will not have a room in the renewed Apple/EPEAT household but 39 other Apple products will.


Apple’s iCloud Service Will Be Partly Powered By Solar

Apple's new data center in Maiden North CarolinaApple is the next tech company to move toward renewable energy as a source of power for their data storage. In this case, it’s for Apple’s iCloud service which now has over 100 million users. The data center is located in Maiden NC and it’ll generate 20 megawatts of power annually via solar at their 100 acre facility. Apple is also using captured rainwater for cooling which will be chilled during off-peak hours and recycled 35 times.

Apple managed to keep details about the iCloud data center secret, even kept it from appearing on Google maps until June 2011, but now their talking and taking pride in their LEED Platinum certification. Seems like Apple is moving toward using renewable energy in the same stealthy way they release their products. [Wired]

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Thought Different. Steve Jobs, 1956 – 2011

Thought Different - Steve JobsEveryone has a hero and to some, that person may be Steve Jobs. For Jubbling, Mr. Jobs was not a hero but instead somebody who inspired us to think differently. Rather than maintaining status quo, he always seemed to look beyond it and then let others try to imitate and follow. I guess you could say that when everyone was zigging, he chose to zag.

Yes, you could point out Greenpeace’s effort to make the company Mr. Jobs founded more environmentally responsible. But today, we’d like to focus on the think differently. We hope to move forward and continue seeing through the obvious zigs to find a zag when it comes to sustainability and consuming less.