Future Apple iPhone Could Include A ‘Shake-To-Charge’ Feature.

Apple's Shake-To-Charge PatentThe whole shake-to-charge idea isn’t a new one but adding the technology to a mobile phone could be a boon. Gizmodo (via Apple Insider) is reporting that Apple Computer has applied for a shake-to-charge patent for use in future devices. If this feature is added to an iPhone, it’ll allow the user to kind of shake-weight it in order to extend its battery life. The shake-to-charge patent points to electromagnetic induction that converts deliberate and everyday motions into additional battery life.

When we will see this feature included in smartphones? Probably not right away; according to the Gizmodo article, mobile devices consume more power than a space-limited, shake-to-charge feature could replenish internally.

But one thing is for sure – if you think it’s weird watching people talk to themselves using their Bluetooth headphones, just wait until the suggestive shake-to-charge feature is added to cellphones. Because that’s when people, in public, will manually manipulate their devices in an up and down fashion to get some extra battery life. Sorry. It sounds bad but the reality may look even worse. [Gizmodo]


Henry Hargreave’s Deep-Fried Gadgets Almost Made Me Un-Appreciate Art Again.

Deep Fried Foamcore Apple iPad - Henry Hargreaves

“I see a connection between tech and fastfood culture, both are fetishized, quickly consumed then discarded.”
– Henry Hargreaves, Wired article
“Artist’s Deep-Fried Gadgets Blend Unhealthy Appetites”

I was so close to becoming an art connoisseur thanks to back-of-truck grime art and the invisible art exhibit. Then Henry Hargreaves went ahead and made an artistic statement about consumption by deep-frying some gadgets and I felt kicked in the arts again.

But wait, due to a lack of funding, Mr. Hargreaves didn’t deep-fry the actual electronics and built his soon-to-be-fried gadgets out of foamcore. So I guess the key to Jubbling art must be limited funding. Thank you Mr. Hargreaves – artful message received. Best of all, you didn’t have to make your point and provoke us to think about consumption via hypocritical art. [Wired]

Deep Fried Foamcore Apple MacBook Air and iPhone - Henry Hargreaves