Throw Out Your TV? Charging Your iPhone 5 Only Costs $0.41/Year. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Only $0.53.

Smart phone power consumption comparison chart. Opower.comWe’ve all heard about the Apple/Samsung legal battle but Jubbling now just wants both sides to shake hands, maybe hug it out a little, and work together and encourage users to watch TV/movies on their respective mobile devices. That’s because in comparison, the iPhone 5 ($0.41/year) and Galaxy S3 ($0.53/year) will sip on as little power in a year as a 50″ plasma may consume in a day!

Opower analyzed the power consumption of both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and compared their results to common consumer electronics found in a home. Obviously, groups of 3 or more people will not crowd around a mobile device to watch television; in that situation, see if an iPad ($1.38/year) will work. But if you’re alone and watching Lost on Netflix Instant, turn off the big TV and watch it on your iPhone/Galaxy S3. [CNET and Opower]


Waste Of The Week: Destroying New iPhone 5 Just Because You Can Afford It.

Update: Here’s another gem.

“3, 2, dum!”

Trashed a microwave to boot. Dum2.

NY Knick, Iman Shumpert, was asked to dunk the iPhone 5 and late in the video, you get the idea he’s not so up for it. The “dum” and unnecessary waste comes from the people behind this video (NOC?).

And there’s plenty of iPhone 5 drop test videos too. We get it so please stop making videos of you destroying your iPhone 5; you’re not providing a public service with your unnecessary and wasteful videos. I think most people have enough common sense to know their mobile device might break if it’s dropped. Stick to the self-inflicted nut shot videos. Those are definitely winners and may provide a public service.