HAPILABS’ HAPIfork Is A Vibrating Fork Whose Intentions Are Good. Consume More To Consume Less?

HAPILABS HAPIforkThe $99.99 electronic HAPIfork from HAPILABS will alert you with a vibration if you are eating too fast. It will also track your eating habits by sending data via USB or Bluetooh to a dashboard app that will tell you how many bites you took to eat your last meal and your meal schedule. Of course the HAPIfork can’t stop the user from untraceably eating with their hands but I’ll ignore that for now.

So what do you think is more Jubbling: consuming less with the HAPIfork or consuming less prior and not purchasing the HAPIfork? [Gizmodo]


Real Life “Wasting” Fruit Ninja (Video)

Lets all hope they were able to throw together a nice little fruit salad with all that ninja’d fruit. Thank goodness they spared the kitty. [Laughing Squid]


It Gets Worse: Angry Birds App Coming To Humungous Samsung Smart TV’s

Samsung Smart TVs with Smart Interaction Technology and Angry BirdsOur article against porting Android apps to our big-ass TVs with the Ouya console was just settling when we heard news that Angry Birds will be playable on future Samsung Smart TV’s via hand gestures. The popular game was playing just fine with a finger on low-power consuming mobile devices and ideally, it would’ve stayed only mobile. But for consumers, playing bigger is better and we’re now finding that our push to keep mobile games mobile is the losing position as though we chose Betamax. [Crave]