Art Is Motion: Lexus 300h Mod Paints Driver’s Picture Based On How They Drive. [Video]

Art Is Motion: Lexus 300h paints a portrait of the drive based on how the drive.

Art collector Walter Vanhaerent’s Lexus 300h paints his portrait each time he takes it for a drive. From Gizmodo:

“The specially modified vehicle is half art project, half engineering experiment. Vanhaerent’s Lexus features a large LCD display that shows his portrait being generated by custom software that paints it in the style of artist Sergio Abliac. The slower Vanhaerent drives, the more detailed the portrait will be, and the faster he drives, the more abstract the brush strokes become.”

Cool project but unfortunately, the “Art Is Motion” mod doesn’t motivate the driver to go slower, on electric power alone; if Mr. Vanhaerent is feeling abstract, he’ll just floor it. One additional tweak, that only outputs a painting if the driver drives slower, and this ‘art’ project becomes a standard feature on all Lexus models. [Gizmodo]


Submerged Art Installations And Sculptures Made From Our Marine Trash.

Forlane 6 Studio - Posidonia


Scuba artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez built underwater art sculptures out of marine trash.

Forlane 6 Studio - Martini Effect

Martini Effect

Here is a portion of their artistic statement:

“In response to our time of alarming climate change, the work presents a deliberate immersion of the objects that compose our daily surroundings. The certainty that in a near future, global issues will bring disastrous consequences on the environment creates a disturbing atmosphere. However the mass production rate of artificial material seems unstoppable. It overflows well beyond land frontiers and the seas surface, as it penetrates the depth of a distant and foreign space.”

You can read the full artistic statement on the Forlane 6 Studio website.

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Artist Chris Shen Creates INFRA – A TV Made Out Of 625 Discarded Remote Controls.

Hooray for Jubbling art! Here’s Chris Shen’s description of INFRA:

“625 discarded remote controls, repurposed to broadcast live television using the infrared LEDs inside each device. Creating an infrared display invisible to the naked eye. When viewed through infrared goggles, the light becomes visible and the low resolution TV broadcast can be seen.”

INFRA had me at discardedrepurposed was just the gravy.

The first time I watched the INFRA video above, its low-res image reminded me of the scene in Contact when Jodie Foster receives the grainy video beamed back from space. Anyways, nice to see art that is created from normally discarded items. [Boing Boing]


Coiled Electrical Cable Artist Pavel Sineve And Wicker Covered Car Artist Ojo Obaniyi Need To Have A Playdate.

Here’s a sample of some functional art by coiled electrical cable artist Pavel Sineve:
Coiled elecrtical cable art - Pavel Sineve
From Inhabitat:

“From a watering can made from a length of garden hose to an entire car made from electric cables, his clever sculptures show new possibilities for re-using everyday materials.”

You can see more of Pavel’s work on his website.

Just a continent away, artisan Ojo Obaniyi is coiling and wrapping the inside and outside of his truck in woven raffia palm cane.
The Wicker Car - Ojo Obaniyi

Just imagine what might get reused and wrapped if these two ever got together. [Inhabitat and Neatorama]


Siberian ‘Artist’ Sculpts Cobra Out Of 800 Pounds Of Cow Dung.

Cow Dung CobraMikhail Bopposov’s “Cobra in Cow Dung” was squeezed together from the poo-business of his 17 cows to mark the Year of the Snake. From Mr. Bopposov:

“This is not sculpture, just a piece of work I did,”

Congratulations to Mr. Bopposov for humbly creating self-funded art from recycled material – you have completed all of the requirements to become Jubbling’s Artist in Residence. [Neatorama]


Jubbling Appreciates Art Again!! Thank You Kim Beom and Yellow Scream.

We finally stumbled upon some performance art that appeals to our Jubbling senses and meets our artistic needs. It’s the masterpiece “Yellow Scream” by Kim Beom and parody or not, Mr. Beom Jubblingly infuses his work with volume rather than resources (i.e. blowing up a pine tree…art?). Skip to the 5:30 mark to start the awesome and thanks to you Kim Beom, Jubbling temporarily appreciates art again. [Buzzfeed]