Sorry Kids But You’re Not Done Until You’ve Eaten The Baguette Table

Bagette Table  Studio RygalikMade out of stale baguettes, the Baguette Table by Gosia and Tomek Rygalik was created in the Vienna Design Week Laboratory and puts normally discarded food to use. Here’s the back story of Studio Rygalik’s art project:

Food thrown away in Vienna could feed half of the population of Graz [Austria]. The art project’s aim was to start a discussion about food waste. It was also to show that the materials to build from are all around us. The tables were made from stale baguettes that were supposed to be thrown away.

Guiness World Records - Largest Bowl of SoupNow if we could get a couple Baguette Tables in the same room as the largest bowl of soup, we might have an amazing Reese’s moment.

For more information about food waste, check out Jonathan Bloom’s [Treehugger]


Tim Noble & Sue Webster Create Amazing Silhouettes Using Found Objects And Dead Animals

Tim Noble and Sue Webster Silhouette ArtInhabitat posted an article about the silhouette art Tim Noble and Sue Webster create reusing trash and dead stuff. It’s so amazing that I wondered if it were a rear-screen projected image with a pile of trash in front. Check out their work. [Inhabitat]


What Should We Do With 3.5 Billion Wire Coat Hangers?

Wire Coat HangerOne billion is a crazy number but 3.5 billion is 3 and 1/2 times crazy. Worldwide, that’s how many wire coat hangers are sent out with our dry cleaned goods each year. It takes 195 million pounds of steel to manufacture that many wire coat hangers and their clothing-protective plastic coating make them difficult to recycle. What should you do with them? According to Earth911, the best thing to do with your stash of coat hangers is to return them to your dry cleaner for reuse. Another option is to check out the amazing work of artist David Mach and maybe send some coat hangers his way.

David Mach builds larger than life sculptures out of all sorts of products and his latest works are constructed out of bundled coat hangers and matches.

David Mach - King Silver

David Mach's King Silver (Try to figure where the matches went)

Check out David Mach’s website to get an idea of the scale of his work. []


Nothing Says Happy Valentines Day And “LOVE” Like Spending Twenty-Four Hours Gluing 2500 Matches On Reclaimed Wood

Love made out of 2500 match sticks glued to reclaimed wood.
This image and article was originally posted on in November 2010. It was then re-posted on and timed for Valentines Day.

I search and read through hundreds of articles daily that could be Jubbling but I’m never sure how to make the connection with ART. The “Love” sign is a perfect example. It was created using 2500 matchsticks that were glued to a piece of reclaimed wood (the Jubbling?). It’s timed well with Valentines Day around the corner and the artist, Pei San Ng, states that:

LOVE on fire represents romance and passion or destruction and jealousy. It is raw and gritty.

Jubbling is dum.It’s still difficult to draw a link between this kind of art and Jubbling. But it does remind me of a piece of ART, also created on reclaimed wood, that was photographed and emailed to us with a readers heartfelt reaction to Jubbling after visiting our site.