The Olsen Twins Collaborate With Artist Damien Hirst To Make A $55k Nile Crocodile Skin Backpack.

$55,000 Nile crocodile skin backpack.An artistic partnership between Damien Hirst and the Olsen twins can’t be good. The only upside of the $55,000 Nile crocodile backpack is that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen only made 12 of these gems. Yes, a yet undetermined portion of each sale will go to UNICEF but the wastefulness and pretense will stay with the backpack.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:  How The West Was FunJust a bit of warning for anyone on the fence about buying one of these $55k backpacks: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen haven’t created anything worthwhile since their direct to video “How The West Was Fun” was released in 1994. Caveat emptor. [Ecorazzi]