“Astronomical” Describes The Waste More Than It Describes The Book Series

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/34894951[/vimeo]Astronomical Book Series by Mishka HennerAstronomical by Mishka Henner is a 12-volume set that displays our solar system and the planets to scale. Each volume has 506 pages and the width of each page represents 1 million kilometers. The sun appears on pages 1-2 of volume I and the earth is displayed on page 155 of volume I. Jupiter is on page 283 of volume II.

The mostly blank-page Astronomical book series sells for around $156.

I’m sure there’s an artsy angle to the 6000+ page Astronomical series but even the above video is hard to stomach. I think that if Dieter from Sprockets would’ve written a book, this would be it. [Gizmodo.com]