Tip For Driving In The Carpool Lane: Articles Of Incorporation Will NOT Be Considered A Passenger.

Carpool HOV LaneJonathan Frieman of Northern California took his new baby, Articles of Incorporation for his non-profit JoMiJo, and entered the Hwy 101 carpool lane. After getting a $478 ticket for driving solo in the carpool lane, he contested the ticket and what should be considered a passenger on the grounds that a Supreme Court ruling in 2010 treated corporations as people, granting them First Amendment rights to contribute freely to political campaigns. Mr. Frieman lost.

Going forward, if Mr. Frieman insists on buying his non-profit JoMiJo a plane ticket and seat each time he flies, the state should reconsider his claim. Until then – next! [Wired]


How Do You Motivate Southern Californians To Ride A Mass Transit? Make It A Party Train To Vegas And Hangover Aid Back.

X Train from Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. - Party Train

“If you party really hard, it sucks driving back,”
Current ‘Bro’ and future rider of the LA to Las Vegas Party Train

The Las Vegas Railway Express, founders of the X Train, hope SoCal residents will be making their trips to Vegas via rail instead of wheels in 2013. They’re pressing all the right buttons to generate interest in their LA to Las Vegas X Train “party train” and they’re even tapping into the aspects that are Jubbling. From LVRE’s website:

“And we have our green hat on too… Five year cumulative cars eliminated on I-15 – 4,461,600… Five year cumulative CO2 reduction from cars taken off the I-15 – 1,085,061,120 pounds. So all in all, the X Train is a pretty good deal for Las Vegas and you only have to wait another year for it all to begin.”

Good luck Las Vegas Railway Express. If your X Train party on rails hits it big – you will have proven that adding dancing and booze to mass transit is the key to increasing ridership. Get ready to ditch your rides car-huggers of Southern California. [Seattle Times]


Fitter, Healthier And More Mileage?

How much does the driver's weight affect gas mileage.This infographic created by Allstate and Cars.com is pretty interesting and self-explanatory. Holy nuts – 39 million gallons of fuel is consumed per year for every pound added to the combined vehicle/driver weight!

We would’ve shown the full infographic but it was obese so we trimmed it by 70%. [MNN]


When Jubbling Goes Bad: Taking Two Trips To Bring 31 Preschoolers To A Restaurant In A Compact Car.

Melanie Minnie takes 31 preschoolers out for lunch in a subcompact car.Melanie Minnie, a preschool teacher in Pretoria SA, wanted to take her class of 31 preschoolers out for a celebratory lunch at a local mall. Ms. Driver didn’t have a bus available so she loaded the little buggers into her Renault Clio, a subcompact five-door hatchback, and it ended up only taking two trips to get them to the restaurant. How did she do it? She packed and drove 12 kids in the first trip and the remaining 19 in the second. Ms. Minnie did get caught by the police, and received a $170 ticket, when she returned to take the last 19 kids back to their preschool.

As much as we love Ms. Minnie’s carpool Jubbling, we do not approve her decision to drive 31 kids in two trips. Now three trips is reasonable but doing it in two is just showing off. [Yahoo]


Google’s Self-Driving Cars Are Now Legal On California’s Roads.

Google Autonomous CarThis is a good thing, making the autonomous Google car street legal in California, right?

Google’s autonomous cars operate through the use of computers, lasers and sensors allowing the driver to be a passenger. The goal of the Google car is to improve safety, reduce congestion, and improve fuel efficiency. Sounds like mass transit… less the computers, lasers, sensors and having another vehicle on the road. [Inhabitat]

Jubbling: Consuming less should be less consuming.


Who Does This? Crazy Dude Follows Cyclists And Blares His Horn At Them.

Hard to figure out why the driver in this video didn’t just pass the two cyclists because that move might require some common sense. He had enough room to pass; the cyclists were riding the painted white line on the shoulder. Does the driver think bike riders are leftists for eschewing gas consuming cars? The situation in the video reminded me of an article I read about incandescent light-bulb hoarders on Gizmodo. Unfortunately, being an irrational numb-nut is not a crime. [Boing Boing]

Update from BoingBoing: The Colorado State Police have received a report on the Ford Explorer (CO Lic.#: 893 EKG) in the video. My bet is that it’ll take a lot more than the law to get this kook off the road.