“You Don’t Need Us To Tell You That Gas Prices Are Back On The Rise.”

Gas prices on the rise - The Conan O'Brien ShowHere’s a funny video from The Conan O’Brien Show of newscasters repeating the same line about rising gas prices. The clip originally aired in February 2013 and in each case, “You don’t need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise” was played off as bad news. At Jubbling, that same repeated line is stated a little differently: “You don’t need to tell us that. Gas prices are on the RISE!” (Drive less.) [CDCW]


12.5% Of The US Car Buying Market Accounts for 29% of Hybrid And 41% Of Electric Vehicle Sold In 2012.

2013 Chevy VoltIf fuel efficient car ownership were a competition, the western United States just annihilated the rest of the country. Tom Libby of Polk has crunched the numbers for the first 10 months of 2012 and despite only representing 12.5% of the market, the western United States accounted for 29% of new hybrid vehicle sales and 41% of new electric vehicle sales.

According to Mr. Libby’s data, 7% of all new vehicle sales for the top 15 DMAs (Designated Marketing Areas) were hybrids. And in the San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose DMA, nearly 10% of the new cars sold were hybrid. Of the top 15 DMAs for hybrid and electric car sales – 9 were located in California, 4 in Oregon and 1 each for Washington and Arizona.

In the bottom 15 DMAs, which were predominantly located in Louisiana and Texas, hybrid sales represented 1.5% of new car purchases and electric vehicles only .01%. The bottom 15 DMAs represent 6.6% of the new car buying market.

What can you take away from this data? If you’re buying a hybrid or electric vehicle and you live on the west coast, you should probably haggle more. [Polk via GCR]


Lead Exposure Linked To High Violent Crime Rates, Low IQ’s And ADHD. What Will Be The Next Culprit?

A car spewing exhaust.Mother Jones posted a great article, “America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead,” about the correlation between increased lead exposure and high violent crime rates, low IQ scores and ADHD. Leaded paint was listed as one source but even more harmful was the leaded gasoline we used in our vehicles until 1996. The lead we spewed from our exhaust pipes pre-1996 is still in the fields our kids play on and becomes airborne when the warm weather dries the soil.

Makes me wonder about products we consume today – what are we going to find out next about the pesticides and plastics used to grow and deliver our food? Definitely check out the article. [Mother Jones]


‘Exxon Hates Your Children’ Video

What can you do? Drive less. It doesn’t matter what you drive – once a week, pick one trip you’d normally take with your car and instead carpool, ride the mass transit or avoid the trip/drive altogether. [Grist]


Chicago’s Greenway Self-Park: Should A Parking Garage Ever Be Considered Earth Friendly?

Greenway Self-Park ChicagoGrid Chicago has an interesting article on the Greenway Self-Park which has been self-labeled as “Chicago’s first earth friendly parking garage.” What the … earth friendly parking garage? Its developer, Friedman Properties, did build some eco features into the parking garage that include lighting that auto-dims in sunlight, electricity-generating wind turbines (that may or may not work), it’s built with locally sourced materials and it has a green roof to mitigate runoff. They even incorporated a VW Bug with green leaves spewing from its exhaust in their logo. All good but should a parking garage ever be considered earth friendly?

I don’t want to hate on Friedman Properties too much because they tried to build a more eco / environmentally / sustainable parking garage but judging by the article’s comments, most people aren’t buying it and they’re seeing right through the thin green label.

That’s why we think FP needs to strip away the green from their logo and in the future, refer to their garage as earth friendlier versus earth friendly. Self-applying the earth friendly label is always risky – trying to apply it to a 715 space parking garage is just plain foolish. [Grid Chicago}


Car Dealer Is Psyched About Mass Transit And The Expo Line Light Rail Station In Santa Monica.

The Martin Automotive Group has been selling automobiles in the Los Angeles area since the 1950’s. Now they are planning to relocate their operation to anchor a “live, work, play” development at the corner of Olympic and Bundy around a new Expo Line light rail station that connects Downtown LA with Santa Monica. According to Dana Martin (from Santa Monica Patch),

“The [development] offers… the ability for people to reduce the need to be in an automobile. For people to live here, and work here without getting into a car is a great concept with the Metro line being so close.”

It’s a little bit puzzling that a car dealership would want to encourage people to ride mass transit and leave their cars at home but I’m sure they’ve done their homework.

But the most interesting part of the article occurs in the comments. Here’s an exchange between a pro and anti light railer.

Mary Sanders, October 16, 2012
Oh, Lord, when will it ever end? Do the Martins and all the other developers really think that this will get people out of their automobiles? It’s just not going to happen. I can’t imagine shopping for groceries on a bike, bus or train. I can’t imagine taking my children to school on a bike, bus or train. I live in Santa Monica and I am just a few blocks away from Martin Cadillac. I have nightmares about the Expo Line. Is my apartment going to shake like an earthquake every time it goes by? Will I be able to hear the train every minute of every day? I have 45 year old windows in my apartment and absolutely no insulation! Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to seriously think about moving out of the area and, hopefully, the State of California.

Reply from Mitchell S. Austin, Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Hey, Mary if you decide to leave can you shoot me an email, I would love to live in Santa Monica. I have heard it is a great place to live and should be even better with rail transit!

Awesome! [Santa Monica Patch via Planetizen]