Reduce: Offloading Three Tons Of Bamboo In 30 Seconds Without A Forklift.

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The Mine Kafon Is A Wind-Blown Minesweeper That’s Made Out Of Bamboo and Biodegradable Plastics.

Mine Kafon  -  Massoud HassaniDeveloped by Afghanistan-born designer Massoud Hassani, the Mine Kafon is a $40 biodegradable minesweeper that is propelled by the wind. In January, the Mine Kafon was nominated for a “Designs of the Year 2012” award from London’s Museum of Design. Mr. Hassani’s inspiration for building the Mine Kafon came from the wind-blown toys he played with as a kid.

The Mine Kafon includes a GPS that tracks its path and each unit can detonate several landmines before it’s inoperable. In the video, the Mine Kafon is being wind-blown in the desert but the simple idea could also be self or push propelled and work on any walking path hiding landmines. [Crave and Treehugger]