I’m Having Second Thoughts About The Greywater Sink & Toilet Combination

Eco Bath by Jang wooseokWouldn’t it be great if we could use the normally wasted greywater, the water that goes down the drain, to fill and flush our toilet? Seems like a no-brainer Jubbling idea and Jang wooseok has designed a toilet that melds a sink and a toilet to do just that. It’s not the first of its kind and his Eco Bath model works like the others by capturing the normally drained water from the sink into a holding tank that can be used to fill the toilet for flushing. Placing the sink on top of the toilet is great for people that live in small spaces and in a pinch, the attached sink could be used as a urinal. But I’m not as sold on the idea of filling the crapper with sink runoff anymore.
Eco Bath greywater toilet
What caused the change? For me, it was the idea of the greywater tank holding a couple of days of tooth-brushing and flossing water as well as the water from washing grubby hands. Accessing and cleaning the greywater tank from time to time would be a definite dirty job that might end up more challenging than scrubbing the toilet.

But I have to remind myself that Jubbling is about being inconvenienced and my whining about cleaning the greywater tank is just that. Maybe if I hadn’t heard about runoff toilet, I wouldn’t be so averse now to ideas like the Eco Bath. [Treehugger]


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