Jubbling Break Hero: 80 Year Old Grandpa Ignores Disposable Solo Cups And Does A Keg Stand Instead.

Keg stand Grandpa doesn’t need a disposable Solo cup: Great example of Jubbling or is it just something we’d all like to do when were 80? [Buzzfeed]


Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Is Beer Made With Roasted Bull’s Balls. Jubbling?

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout BeerIn the crowded crafted beer market, why not differentiate your product by including roasted bull balls in the recipe? That might’ve been the thinking and inspiration behind Wynkoop Brewing Company’s Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout beer. Here’s a description of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout from Wynkoop Brewing Company’s website:

“Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is an assertive foreign-style stout, slightly viscous, with a deep brown color. It has equally deep flavors of chocolate syrup, Kahlua, and espresso, along with a palpable level of alcohol and a savory umami-like note. It finishes dry and roasted with a fast-fading hop bite.

Finally, saying “your beer tastes like balls” will be expected and warmly received by the brewer. Not sure about the Jubbling in this example but I guess by incorporating bull balls into their beer, WBC is reducing the number of bull balls that might get discarded. Maybe it’s a public service too – reducing the number of bull balls that people get dared to eat. [Laughing Squid]

Here is WBC’s April Fools video about the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout:


A Jubblinged Must Have: The Beer Box Cowboy Hat.

Miller Lite Beer Box Cowboy HatAdd cowboys to the list of recycling/reusing Jubblingers. The Beer Box Cowboy Hat is made from the normally discarded boxes delivering some of America’s favorite beers. Not wanting to miss the party, Jubbling had a team of craftsman make our own cowboy hat out of normally recycled boxes of our favorite beer.

Stella Artois Beer Box Cowboy Hat
Don’t count on us wearing this Stella encrusted beauty to the rodeo though. [Laughing Squid]


Jubbling Case Study: Open Letter To Waste Management – Title Sponsor Of The 2011 Phoenix Open

Phoenix Open Golf Tournament TPC ScottsdaleEarth911.com posted an article about Waste Management’s efforts to “green up” this years Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. Last year, Waste Managements first as the title sponsor, they were able to encourage and reclaim 62% of the waste that was created during the week long event. And this year, they’re going even bigger by including BigBelly solar powered trash compactors, using kitchen collected greywater for use in the bathrooms etc. They’ll even have Recycling Ambassadors around the course to answer spectator questions about what is or isn’t recyclable – the one gig I wouldn’t want at this golf tournament.

Hooray for Waste Management and the 2011 Phoenix Open! What a great way to showcase your expanding waste disposal offerings.

But as Jubbling goes, I started thinking about this and wondered if I could help. Thinking out loud: “Last years Phoenix Open… 62% of the waste created was reclaimed… this year, you already have BigBelly solar powered trash compactors… I hope that thing floating in the toilet came from the kitchen and was not deposited by me.” And then it hit me – yes, I can help. Please accept this letter and be aware that I expect nothing in return. [Read more…]