Salmoning Is Our Word Of The Day – Dickish Cyclist Who Ride The Wrong Way In A Bike Lane.

Designated bike lanes to prevent salmoning.The Guardian posted the article “How to stop ‘salmoning’, scourge of NYC’s bike lanes” about the author’s bad experience dealing with salmoning cyclists who ride in the the opposite direction of a bike lane. The focus of his frustration is mostly with bike messengers and New York city food delivery cyclists. His solution to deal with it: ride head-on towards the salmoner.

The article made me stop and think about the bad rap bike riders get and whether it’s deserved or not. I’m not a regular cyclist but traveling by bike is always preferred. When I do drive, I always share the road with cyclists by giving bike riders ample space so they’ll feel safe riding on the shoulder. That said, I’ve still dealt with my share of angry cyclists and my exprience helped me develop a theory.

Basically, cyclists are like drivers only their rage can not be hidden within a car. When you’re driving, how often have you called another driver a “dumb-ass” or “shit for brains” from the sound-proof protection of your car? Imagine if you weren’t in your car – would you still say those thing? Probably and that’s why bike-rage and militant cyclists get such a bad rap. They’re like car drivers only unfiltered.

If it’s not already, salmoning should be a ticketable offense. Think of how easily these cyclist on cyclist confrontations could escalate between two unfiltered, unencumbered [by car] bike riders. [Guardian]


Donky Bike: A Pack Mule Bicycle.

Cargo carrying Donky Bike.It’s easy to like the idea of the Donky Bike but I’m not sure about the $800 price tag. If you want to use your bike to move cargo (groceries, boxed items etc.), look at investing in a product like the Burley Encore ($439) and then couple it with your current bike. The boon of the Encore is that it not only lets you tote cargo but you can also lug your current or future little monkeys around too. [Gizmodo]


Riding The “Beastie,” The Flying Scotsman Hopes To Cycle Past 100 MPH On A Flat Surface.

Graeme Obree, The Flying Scotsman, on the Beastie cycle.World-class Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree hopes to not only eclipse the human-powered land speed record on a flat surface (83 MPH) but he also wants to cross the 100 MPH mark. Mr. Obree, aka The Flying Scotsman, is building his aerodynamic “Beastie” bike himself in his kitchen and hopes to break the record on a runway in the UK. Jubbling wishes Mr. Obree luck in his quest for the record and for shining the spotlight on cycling even if it’s extreme. But looking at the Beastie and how he will ride it at that speed and in the prone position, we’re not sure this is going to end up well. [Gizmag]


Freewheelin Pedal Buses Will Be At The Democratic And Republican National Conventions.

Freewheelin 2012 Pedal-Powered BusesIt’s nice to hear that for the second time, the US’s two main political parties can agree on something. The Republican (Tampa, FL Aug 26-30) and Democratic (Charlotte, NC Sep 2-6) National Conventions will have the pedal-powered Freewheelin buses free to use between popular in-city destinations. Supplied by Humana, the 20 Freewheelin pedi-buses can accommodate up to 8 riders (+ driver) and are part of the health insurance company’s efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles and social interaction. The two plus days between conventions will be nice and will give Humana an opportunity to re-calibrate and adjust their pedal-powered buses that may “lean to the right” after the Republicans. [Inhabitat]


Solar-Powered Recumbent Trike-Bike?

Awesome! Spinner Guy – with this video, a trade show booth and some slick marketing brochures, my gut tells me you could get millions (CDN) from investors looking for the next big green product. [Boing Boing]


Jubbling Bros. Moving Company LTD LLC Group?

Jubbling Brothers Moving Company LTD.