Who Does This? Crazy Dude Follows Cyclists And Blares His Horn At Them.

Hard to figure out why the driver in this video didn’t just pass the two cyclists because that move might require some common sense. He had enough room to pass; the cyclists were riding the painted white line on the shoulder. Does the driver think bike riders are leftists for eschewing gas consuming cars? The situation in the video reminded me of an article I read about incandescent light-bulb hoarders on Gizmodo. Unfortunately, being an irrational numb-nut is not a crime. [Boing Boing]

Update from BoingBoing: The Colorado State Police have received a report on the Ford Explorer (CO Lic.#: 893 EKG) in the video. My bet is that it’ll take a lot more than the law to get this kook off the road.


Personal Energy Orb (PEO) Motivates Computer User To Ride Their Bike… Or Get Angry At Their Mouse.

The Personal Energy Orb (PEO) wants you to get off your computer and ride your bike. If you don’t, your computer mouse will move around the screen sluggishly until you recharge it with a bike ride.

Good intent but probably not a viable idea. With a deadline to meet and your mouse not keeping up, the color-changing globe has “unplug me and throw me against the wall” written all over it. And the over-sized glowing globe itself, when magnetically attached to your bike for recharging, announces that you should be mugged and/or beaten.

Stamina InStride Cycle Pedal ExerciserNow if the creators figured out a way to recharge the PEO in the home or office by connecting it to something like the Stamina Pedal Exerciser, they could have something. They’ll still encourage exercise which stays in line with their product’s goal.

A commenter on PEO’s Vimeo page points out that “PEO” is the Spanish word for fart but please don’t change it. That alone could quadruple sales in Spain and Mexico. [Treehugger]


Bike Rack Bike

Hipster Bike Rack BikeBicycling: good.
Reuse: good.
Recycle: good.
Part of a bigger scheme to steal your bike: not so good. [Reddit via Buzzfeed]


Reality Sucks Advertisement From General Motors

General Motor’s Reality Sucks ad showing the cyclist shielding his face in embarrassment for cycling instead of driving is pretty funny. What isn’t captured or explained in the ad is that the cyclist is wearing crotchless biking pants and the woman in the car is his mother. So don’t get upset cyclists, here’s your motivation to bike more and you can thank General Motors for that. Stop Pedaling and Start Driving Advertisement From General Motors
Stop Pedaling And Start Driving