Sending A Boat To Cruise Around A Liquid Methane Lake On Saturn Moon Titan. Should We Even Bother?

It's boating season on Saturn's moon Titan.Sener Aerospace has a ginormous idea – they’d like to float a boat on one of Titan’s liquid methane lakes and collect samples. Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, was previously visited by the Huygens spacecraft in 2005 but its liquid methane lakes remain a mystery. That’s why scientists at Sener sent a proposal to the European Planetary Science Congress advancing the idea of sending a boat probe to Titan.

Science is great and what’s even better is that this proposed project, between a private Spanish company and a European space agency, will not cost me a dime.

But I have to suggest a move in the awesome direction: why not focus on our own planet first, help get it in order, and then figure out how to paddle around the methane lakes on a distant moon? To me, expending the resources in order to hit the prime boating season on Titan just seems likes something you would do after you have your shit together on your own planet. It even makes the colonizing Mars idea sound less crazy. Sorry Hudson. [CNET Crave]


Monstrous Trimaran Superyacht Is So Big That You Can Park A Car In It.

UltraLuxum Yachting CXL Concept Trimaran

If you can afford it, you can consume it.

Besides being wind powered, I don’t think much else about this massive, floating and car-toting trimaran superyacht concept from UltraLuxum Yachting is Jubbling. I was going to skip it until I read $kaycog’s comment about the car-on-boat trimaran concept and it became a little more Jubworthy. [Jalopnik]

Boat on top of car.