The Castro Leal Library In Mexico City Lit By Shelf Level LED Lighting And Skylights

The Castro Leal Library in Mexico CityNot looking like your typical library, the Castro Leal Library in Mexico City recently won first prize at the Mexican Association of Interior Designers’ Awards. Power-saving LED strip lighting allows the books to glow and does so without sacrificing their findability. Skylights provide natural lighting during daylight hours. [Gizmag]


Tata’s Electric Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle vs. Gas-Powered Weapon Of Mass Instruction

Tata MBPV or Raul Lemesoff's Weapon of Mass InstructionThis is a Jubbling conundrum. On the left, is Tata’s recently released MBPV electric urban assault vehicle and on the right, we have Raul Lemesoff’s gas powered “Arma De Instruccion Masiva” that was built out of a vehicle normally used for war but now drives around Argentina handing out donated books. Jubbling loves the electric vehicles but free books are hard to beat. I think I have to give it to the “Weapon of Mass Instruction.” It’s the name that puts it over the top. [Inhabitat]


For A Mere $100,000, You Can Own The Amazingly Unnecessary 6′ x 4.5′ “Earth” World Atlas

Earth Platinum Limited Edition - Millennium HouseNot to be outdone by the folks at Behringer who built iNuke iPod speaker, Millennium House just published the world’s largest atlas and dubbed it Earth. I’m sure the pictures in the book are stunning but why publish this behemoth? It just doesn’t make sense to produce a dinosaur-sized, fossil of a book that nobody will ever use. Bad ideas like Earth are why I start each Jubbling day by kicking myself in the middle. [Gizmodo]


“Astronomical” Describes The Waste More Than It Describes The Book Series

[vimeo][/vimeo]Astronomical Book Series by Mishka HennerAstronomical by Mishka Henner is a 12-volume set that displays our solar system and the planets to scale. Each volume has 506 pages and the width of each page represents 1 million kilometers. The sun appears on pages 1-2 of volume I and the earth is displayed on page 155 of volume I. Jupiter is on page 283 of volume II.

The mostly blank-page Astronomical book series sells for around $156.

I’m sure there’s an artsy angle to the 6000+ page Astronomical series but even the above video is hard to stomach. I think that if Dieter from Sprockets would’ve written a book, this would be it. []