Greenpeace Used Facebook To Get Facebook To Stop Using Coal Power

At Greenpeace headquarters…Greenpeace Over Facebook
…at Facebook.Facebook benefits from Greenpeace "Boycott" or is it a Boynott?We posted an article about this back in Feb 2011 but it looks like Greenpeace is happy now that Facebook is moving toward renewable energy to drive their data centers and unfriending coal. And who knows, maybe the Rainbow Warrior Powered By Facebook is around the corner. But what gets me is how this was a reverse boycott – kind of a boynott – where Greenpeace and thousands of their supporters pushed for Facebook to make this change by using Facebook which in turn, consumed more coal-powered electricity.

It’s interesting that this worked or did it? Maybe now, Facebook will piss off more people by dropping a deuce on their causes in order to drive more traffic to the site. Mark Zuckerberg might go on a elephant hunting trip with the GoDaddy CEO and drive even more activity on Facebook when people use his site to protest his actions. What a dilemma – finding new ways to create controversy and generate more traffic. (A couple quick suggestions: “Facebook for Bachmann” or “Facebook Presents Family Planning Corner with the Duggars.”)

Imagine if all the groups that oppose Walmart decided to send them a message by telling people to shop there and let them know what they didn’t like about their practices. Walmart would make some changes but whenever they needed a spike in revenue, they could release new information about something else they’re doing bad in the world.

So maybe next time, Greenpeace and like organizations that are not happy with Facebook will encourage their members to remove their profiles from the site in protest instead of spiking their traffic and benefiting Facebook. As I concluded in my previous post about GP and FB, a true boycott is not likely to happen but it sure seems like a better way to send the message.