Bracketron’s Mushroom GreenZero, Stone GreenZero and Stone Battery Kill Vampire Power

Braketron GreenZero USB ChargerVampire draw is the excess power our devices consume when they are plugged in and fully charged. And according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, vampire draw accounts for 5-10% of the residential electricity we consume. Bracketron would like to be the next company to end this type of unnecessary power consumption with their new GreenZero line of chargers that automatically shut off when your device is fully charged. Here’s a quick breakdown of their new power saving products:

Mushroom GreenZero: Pressing the “mushroom” on the Mushroom Greenzero immediately activates the charger when connected to your USB powered device. When it’s fully charged or unplugged, the Mushroom GreenZero will automatically shut off and stop consuming electricity. Price: $24.95 to $29.28 Mushroom GreenZero

Stone GreenZero: The Stone GreenZero is the mobile vampire draw killing USB charger that is built for travel. It folds down and has a smaller button that when pressed, starts charging your USB powered device and automatically shuts off when it’s fully charged. Price: $22.56 Bracketron Stone GreenZero

Stone Battery: The Stone Battery is a pocket-sized 1000mAmp battery that has an LED indicator to let you know when it’s fully charged and then it will recharge your mobile devices for up to 3 hours. When it’s connected, the Stone Battery will also automatically shut off when your device is fully charged. Two models of the Stone Battery are available – one for microUSB devices and another with an Apple 30 pin cable for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. Bracketron Stone Battery

Hopefully Bracketron’s GreenZone products will find a market with people that are concerned about their power consumption and over time, want to save money. Bracketron is not the first company with products that combat vampire draw but maybe the novel way their Mushroom GreenZone is activated, kicking the outlet, will attract more consumers to their energy saving products.