Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assita E-Bike Lets One Rugrat Ride In The Front And One Ride In The Rear.

Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assista E-bikeBridgestone’s latest Angelino Petite Assista ($1800) electric-assist bicycle has room for three passengers. Currently only available in Japan, the Angelino Petite Assista has a range of 20+ miles per charge and builds on Bridgestone’s e-bike line by adding a safety seat for a rear passenger.

The Angelino Petite Assista e-bike looks amazing but I’m not sure I would bite on it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having a helmeted little guy on the front of the bike to shield me from the wind and bugs. But kids can be squirrely and having them riding on the handlebars just doesn’t reek of safety to me.

Burley Encore 2012 Bike TrailerMaybe a better way to go is to get the e-bike you want and look into a Burley bike trailer. A Burley Encore® trailer will safely carry 2 kids and you’ll still have room for groceries. Plus, you can disconnect the Burley bike trailer any time you want to ride your e-bike solo. The e-bike / Burley combo is available now and with some shopping around, you may be able to buy them together at a price comparable to the Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assista. [Treehugger]


You should get a stroke for using Dixon Golf balls.

Dixon Golf BallsAre your balls in the rough? Are you not Jubbling when you swing your stick? It is easy to notice that the game of golf is not exactly earth friendly, why with all those gas-powered golf carts and showering sprinkler heads. Well, let’s clarify a bit, shall we?

One company, Dixon Golf, has now made losing golf balls in the rough, or even finding the lost balls of others to be. Dixon Golf offers the Earth Ball, a moderately priced ball that can be recycled after use. Heck, they’ll even give you a $1 towards new Dixon balls when you recycle their own and $.50 when you recycle another brand. That’s Jubbling folks! Here’s what they offer (directly from their website):

  • High-performance
  • Made from renewable materials
  • 100% recyclable with a recycling program to back it up
  • Does not contain heavy metal pollutants like cobalt, tungsten, or lead
  • 100% recycled packaging

Read their reviews. Many said the Dixon Earth Ball is a better play than more expensive brands. That’s important if you’re going to lay down cash for a Jubbling product versus a tried and true performer but it’s exactly the kind of thinking that will change the game.

Dixon also touts themselves as responsible corporate neighbors. They report that communications are mostly emailed instead of paper mailings and that 25 percent of their employees use carpooling or public transportation in order to lessen overall emissions.  And check this out – 10% of all their profits are used for philanthropic advances. Think of that as multi-level Jubbling!

Of course, some things will never change: I’ll continue to shank more balls than I hit for par but at least now, when I lose a ball, I can smile with pride at my Jubbling.

Dixon Golf – Toll free 866-468-2259