$30,000 CataCombo Sound System Coffin From Pause LjudBild. Too Bad To Be True?

How the CataCombo Sound System coffin works.

How it works.

During your frustrating above-ground life, you never got to pick the songs you wanted to hear. Now in death, the $30,000 CataCombo Sound System coffin will extend your misery by leaving your song playlist in the still-living hands of the people that helped bury you.

The CataCombo Sound System coffin is more than likely a joke but you know some knucklehead will be inspired to actually build something like it. That’s why Jubbling is starting a new venture called MusiCasket (yes, we sell to knuckleheads). Send us a check for $30,000 and we’ll guarantee you an afterlife full of music. Need a testimonial? Here’s one from a satisfied customer…. [Buzzfeed]


The Screw-In Coffin Takes Care Of One Issue With Standard Burials.

Donald Scruggs Screw-In CoffinLove Donald Scrugg’s patented Screw-In Coffin idea that was recently featured on PBS’s Inventors series. The Screw-In Coffin is original, requires less digging and will reduce the amount of normally wasted cemetery land going the standard burial route. Maybe next, Mr. Scruggs could tackle the pollution side and find an alternative for embalming fluid. [Laughing Squid]