The Sunset House Cabin Is Built Out Of Reuse, Reclaim, Recycle, Repurpose, Re-Everything!

The Sunset House - Reclaim, Reuse, Repurposed Cabin In West Virginia.The Sunset House is Jubbling at its most awesome. From Cabin Porn:

“The Sunset House in southern West Virginia was built by Lilah and Nick using lumber reclaimed from a barn on their property which was cut and milled from the land by the previous owner many years ago. All the windows are reclaimed from junkyards over their history of thrifting together.”

To view more images of the Sunset House, check out Old World Grange. [Cabin Porn]


Need To Add A Room To Your House? Build A Treehouse/Cabin Room Within A Room.

Architect Terri Chiao wanted to live in a open-floor loft apartment. In order to afford the rent, Ms. Chiao knew that she would need roommates but she didn’t want to and separate rooms with light-blocking walls within her apartment. Her solution was simple: construct a private cabin and treehouse living space within her open loft.

Ms. Chiao’s affordable “room within a room” solution could work for anyone who needs more private living space and doesn’t want to knock down walls to build an addition. This would work out great for my boys too – they currently share a bedroom. [Fair Companies]

Cardboard Box Living Space

"Don't worry kids; the dog has 24 hours to vacate."