Tip For Driving In The Carpool Lane: Articles Of Incorporation Will NOT Be Considered A Passenger.

Carpool HOV LaneJonathan Frieman of Northern California took his new baby, Articles of Incorporation for his non-profit JoMiJo, and entered the Hwy 101 carpool lane. After getting a $478 ticket for driving solo in the carpool lane, he contested the ticket and what should be considered a passenger on the grounds that a Supreme Court ruling in 2010 treated corporations as people, granting them First Amendment rights to contribute freely to political campaigns. Mr. Frieman lost.

Going forward, if Mr. Frieman insists on buying his non-profit JoMiJo a plane ticket and seat each time he flies, the state should reconsider his claim. Until then – next! [Wired]


The Majestic Plastic Bag Video: The Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Episode We Almost Missed.

Narrated by Jeremy Irons, “The Majestic Plastic Bag” was created by Heal the Bay in 2010. The video was recirculated when it was attached to California’s AB 298 – a bill to ban plastic bags. Unfortunately the bill failed in the California legislature.

Jeremy Irons’ documentary “Trashed” is now in limited release in the US. [AVAAZ]


$5 Per Gallon Gas Is A Reality In California.

$5 per gallon gasoline hits California.Nowhere in the Bloomberg article, “California Facing $5 Gasoline Stirs Brown to Relax Rules,” did it mention the idea of Californians driving less to help people offset the cost of $5/gallon gasoline. Governor Jerry Brown is relaxing air quality rules so refineries can produce more cheap fuel and getting gas from out-of-state suppliers is great for maintaining consumption but what leaders in CA really need to do is encourage their citizens to consume less or take mass transit. Whether you drive a hybrid or monster truck, drive less or $6/gallon will be the next benchmark. If they don’t drive less, they’ll be telling their kids stories about the good ol’ days when gas cost $5/gallon… 2 months prior. [Bloomberg]


All Traffic Moves Faster With Hybrids In HOV Lane – Even The HOV Lane

Clean Air Vehicle Sticker - CaliforniaResearchers from UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), Michael Cassidy and Kitae Jang, just completed a study about the effect on traffic speed caused by the inclusion and now exclusion of Hybrid cars from the HOV lane. Since 2005, California has allowed Hybrid vehicles access to the HOV lanes as an incentive to purchase low emission cars. That all ended in July 2011 when lawmakers decided to do away with that perk.

What happened? According to Cassidy and Jang’s analysis, it slowed down traffic in all lanes – even the HOV lanes with carpoolers only. It seems to go against logic but the now less-congested carpool lane drivers slowed down to match the reduced speeds of the more-congested highway traffic. And safety may be another reason HOV/carpool drivers are slowing down; they’re anticipating cars jumping in and out of their lane. [NY Times]