Toyota Camatte EV Concept Car Is A Teaching Tool For Kids. Doesn’t Look Like Pokemon Character.

Toyota Camatte Daichi EVWe might’ve been onto something when we wrote about how electric vehicles in the Michelin Challenge Design looked like cartoon characters, specifically Pokemon, in an effort to attract future EV customers. Toyota is going a different route with their non-Pokemon-looking 3-seater Camatte Sora & Daichi EV concept cars that are designed for families and adjusts so that even the kids can drive it. For most DRIVERS, the main reservation against EV’s is that they have a limited range. However, our non-driving kids don’t know any differently and the opportunity to adjust, drive and recharge a Camatte EV could become part of their future driving expectation.

Toyota Camatte Sora EV

No word on the estimated release date or price of the Toyota Camatte EV’s but I’m now inspired to rent a golf cart in an effort to educate my kids on effective electric vehicle management. I’ll even sneak in 36 holes of golf in order to stretch and hopefully drain the batteries.

The Toyota Camatte EV’s will be on display at the 2012 International Tokyo Toy Show. At the show, the Camatte may come face to face with cartoon characters that inspire future electric vehicles. [Crave]