Arctic Sea Ice Melt Disaster: Not In 40 Years, Not In 30 Years – One Expert Predicts It’ll Happen In 4!

Arctice sea ice melt since 1979. NASA, NRDCNow this is scary. We’ve all heard the dire predictions about the Arctic ice melt that give us 20+ years to not act. But Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University, an expert on Arctic sea ice, is putting it all out there by predicting that the Arctic sea ice will collapse around the time of the 2016 Olympics. From the Guardian:

“Climate change is no longer something we can aim to do something about in a few decades’ time, and that we must not only urgently reduce CO2 emissions but must urgently examine other ways of slowing global warming, such as the various geoengineering ideas that have been put forward.”

What’s even scarier is knowing that Professor Wadham, who has spent years studying and measuring Arctic sea ice, now recommends going with geoengineering as a viable solution to slow down the melt and global warming.

Check out the article for more info on the implications of an Arctic ice melt. Professor Wadham really changes the game by predicting an Arctic ice melt disaster and accelerated global warming before most of think we’ll be able to live on Mars. [Guardian]