Chemical Pollution Is Causing Otter Penis Bones To Shrink. Hey Humans, You May Be Next!

Cardiff University Otter ProjectWant to motivate the male population to finally rid the planet of pollution? Tell them that a study suggests chemical pollution is adversely (or inversely) affecting the size of an otters’ johnson and could work its way to humans too. From the Daily Mirror:

“Scientists have uncovered a worrying trend in ‘shrinking’ male sex organs in otters – and warn it could start be affecting human men too. Research into the water mammal suggests that modern chemicals may be to blame for the alarming phenomenon of shriveling organs. A report by the Cardiff University Otter Project indicated the animal – one of Britain’s best-loved predator species – is not in the rudest health. Analysis found a decrease in the size of penis bones in male otters along with other changes that gave ’cause for concern’ about the size of sex organs. It questions if endocrine disrupting chemicals – also known as hormone disruptors – could be to blame.”

Guys: for more info, check out the BBC story and bookmarking the Cardiff University Otter Project probably wouldn’t hurt either. [Daily Mirror via Gizmodo]