HTC Smartphone Is So Big That HTC Had To Give It A Little “Phone Call” Friendly Brother.

HTC Butterfly with HTC MiniDr. Evil would be so proud. In an effort to build the next big thing in smartphones, one manufacturer is now producing a “mini-me” version of itself in order to be more useful. It’s the Mini and HTC has added it as an accessory for the 5.5″ HTC Butterfly to make it more phoning-friendly. From Gizmag:

“The device (HTC Mini) connects to the Butterfly via Near Field Communication (NFC). It’s small, light, and could be dropped in a shirt pocket while the much larger Butterfly sits in a deeper pocket or purse.”

So here’s the recap: HTC built a phone that was too cumbersome to use as a phone so they built a separate phone to work with the original phone in order to be a more convenient phone. Makes me wonder if cutting out the middleman (HTC Butterfly) would be the best way to go. [Gizmag]


The Sonastand iPhone 4 Speaker Amplifier And Stand Is So Jubbling!

Sonastand iPhone Stand and Speaker AmplifierIt’s not too late to pre-order the all-aluminum Sonastand iPhone 4.0 speaker amplifier and stand manufactured by Kinetic Custom Machine. They’ve already met their $20,000 pledge goal on Kickstarter and should be in production in April.

Why did I pre-order the Sonastand? Because it’s a simple solution that will not only amplify the audio from my iPhone 4 speaker but it’s also designed to display video in landscape / widescreen mode. Most iPhone 4 docks only work in portrait mode and I’m tired of propping my iPhone up with socks, erasers and the back of remotes.

Why does Jubbling like the Sonastand? Because it’s durable, doesn’t require a lot of resources to build and it allows users to watch Netflix hands-free on a power sipping iPhone. [Sonastand on Kickstarter]

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