Volkswagen Beetle ‘Chicken’ Coupe… I Mean Coop.

Chicken’s love beetles so this Volkswagen chicken coop makes perfect sense. Reduce, reuse, repurpose! [Imgur]


The $100,000 ‘Beau Coop’ Chicken Coop From Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus Beau Coop Chicken Coop.

Beau Coop chicks and eggs.

Chicks: "Don't hate on us. We just live here."

Spending beaucoup dollars on Neiman Marcus’s $100,000 Beau Coop chicken coop is très wasteful.

After some thinking, we did discover a benefit that could come from purchasing the outrageous Beau Coop. Maybe somebody would dive into farming, who wouldn’t otherwise, with some egg-laying chickens and the Beau Coop. And after they purchase the Beau Coop, they’ll be less likely to spend $100k on a motor home for their poop-laying dog. [Boing Boing]