Volkswagen Beetle ‘Chicken’ Coupe… I Mean Coop.

Chicken’s love beetles so this Volkswagen chicken coop makes perfect sense. Reduce, reuse, repurpose! [Imgur]


Had To Put The Chicken Chair On Jubbling Before Everyone Else.

“I like eating chickens, but I also like for people to be aware of how they live and the consequences of the little decisions they give for granted everyday. I would like people to see a chicken again in their daily life, to find it both uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time.”Sebastian Errazuriz

Hmmm, how to make it fit on Jubbling… maybe a “Chicken Chair” in every house will encourage, or guilt, people into working down the food chain and eat less meat. Or maybe it’s best used as a punishment for calling me an eco-hipster – “get connected with your food and give me 15 minutes on the chicken chair.” Wait, that would be eco-hipsterish of me. [core77]