China VS US: CO2 Emissions From Fossil Fuels Is The Most Depressing Infographic We’ll Post Today

US vs China: CO2 Emissions from fossil fuel consumptionThis graphic doesn’t require much of an explanation. Unfortunately, it’s what you’d expect when you add half a billion monied consumers. [Sightline. Graphic by Good Measures]


Thinking It’s A Good Idea To Cancel Our Summer Trip To Wuhan City.

Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province in central China, looks like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie. At first, it was speculated that the yellowish fog was caused by a chlorine factory explosion and fire but Chinese authorities later placed the blame on rural farmers burning straw. That would be a lot of straw.

So today, if you live in a town or area with clean air, maybe we should pour one out (into a glass) for our homies in Wuhan by taking one less car trip or by walking an extra mile. Good and bad, we share the same air. [Grist]


Dateline China: Energy Efficient 30-Story Hotel Built In 15 Days (Video).

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]

Pre-Fabricated T30 Hotel By BROAD Group China

Completed T30 Hotel

Built in only 15 days by the BROAD Sustainable Building (BSB) division of the BROAD Group, which specializes in the manufacture of air conditioning units, the T30 hotel is a marvel of pre-fabricated construction. At 30 stories and with 170,000 square feet of floorspace, the T30 also claims to be 5 times more energy efficient than a comparable sized hotel thanks to features like 4 pane windows, external solar shading, and a heat recovery system. Due in part to BSB’s decision to incorporate energy efficient ideas into T30’s construction, the hotel is receiving quite a few mentions on sustainably focused websites including Treehugger, Inhabitat, and Smart Planet.

Jubbling’s take: The next time we’re in China, we’ll choose to stay in the two story hotel that took one year to build instead. No offense but after seeing the pictures below, we don’t want to take any chances. Haste makes waste.

Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 1 Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 2 Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 3

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Thank You China. You Saved Philip Morris In The 80’s When We Stopped Smoking And Now You Want The Coal We’re Not Burning.

Burning Coal SucksGreat article from about the US lessening its dependence on coal and how China’s need is increasing. The author does a great job comparing the US’s reduced consumption of coal in the 2000’s to shrinking sales of cigarettes in the 1980’s and how the expanding Chinese market will bail US companies out for a second time.

As our consumption decreases, US coal mining companies are increasing their sales into China by land transporting and then shipping millions of tons of the fossil fuel. The growth of coal exports into China will require the building of new West coast ports dedicated to shipping this fossil fuel and that’s where the environmental opposition comes in. []


China To Phase Out Incandescents Because They Consume Too Much Electricity. Next!!

Freedom Light BulbOnce again, China makes an important sustainability decision and you just know it’s going to happen. They don’t screw around – look at how they banned free plastic bags in 2008 and have since reduced their consumption by 40 billion bags a year. Now it’s light bulbs and they’re set to ban the import and sales of 100 watt and higher incandescent bulbs by October 2012 and 60 watts and above by October of 2014. Lets see if the Light Bulb Freedom folks can gain a foothold in China. Good luck because the whole “keep your laws off our light bulbs” doesn’t work over there.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think of China as a model of environmental responsibility. They have their problems. But I sure like how they can make sweeping changes for the greater good and not worry about opposition from every special interest. [the guardian]


Are We Being Dongs Again? The US, China And 24 Other Countries Refuse To Comply With European Union Airline Pollution Control Plan

airline emissionsThis is one of those posts where the title almost says it all. Here’s some info to help fill in a the gaps:

  • The European Union (EU) wants to address the issue of reducing airline emissions and greenhouse gases immediately.
  • The EU created a plan.
  • The US, China and 24 other nations don’t like the plan.
  • The US, China and 24 other nations want to work with the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to create a plan.
  • The EU thinks the US, China and 24 other nations are dragging their feet by waiting for ICAO to develop a plan.
  • The US House of Representatives passed a bill telling US airlines that they don’t have to abide by the EU plan.

Jubbling wishes we were on a plan. []

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