Separated At Birth? Heartland Institute President Joe Bast And Nathan Thurm.

Who'd You Rather?:  Joe Bast of the Heartland Institute or Nathan Thurm.CDCW posted an article about Joe Bast, President of the Heartland Institute, and his response to what he felt was a biased article in the Washington Post about his organization. Here’s a snippet of Mr. Bast’s response:

” The article also misrepresented our work. The Heartland Institute is not “skeptical of climate change science.” We are one of its leading supporters, having hosted seven international conferences (with an eighth one taking place in Munich this week) and published a comprehensive survey of the scientific literature in two volumes, with a third volume on its way. We spend more supporting climate science than all but a handful of public policy think tanks.

Finally, The Post reported that we ran a billboard “comparing those who believe in global warming to domestic terrorist Theodore J. Kaczynski.” Also untrue. The billboard simply reported the fact that the infamous Unabomber still believes in man-made global warming, despite the mounting scientific case against it, and asked viewers if they do, too.”

Holy crap! Mr. Bast threw in the smoke, mirrors and a kitchen sink to claim his org was misrepresented. His response sounds like it was crafted right out of Nathan Thurm’s deny-playbook – deny denying. Any chance they’re related? [CDCW]