Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamic Truck And Trailer Looks Great, Consumes Less Fuel And Emits Less CO2.

Mercedes Benz Aerodynamic Truck and TrailerNot only does the prototype Mercedes-Benz Aerodynamic Truck and Trailer look wicked cool but it will also reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. According to an article on Gizmag, the Mercedes-Benz truck/trailer combo will consume 620 gallons less fuel per year compared to a standard big rig.

TrailerTail from ATDynamics w/Jubbling's Mod Suggestion

While you wait, an after market solution for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is already available from ATDynamics. Their TrailerTail, which reduces low pressure behind the trailer, takes a few hours to be added to existing truck/trailer combos and will save approx 8 gallons of fuel per 1000 miles driven at 65 mph. Add the trailer skirt, which keeps air from hitting the trailer’s rear axles, and the savings could be double. On a rig that travels 100,000/year, the TrailerTail alone will reduce fuel consumption by 800 gallons/year. The savings are not too shabby and should tide you over nicely until your Mercedes-Benz Truck & Trailer arrives.


Disturbing Interactive Graphic Of The Day: The Growth Of CO2 Emissions From Energy Consumption

CO2 Emissions from Energy ConsumptionThe CO2 Emissions from the Consumption of Energy interactive chart displays data, by country, from 1980 – 2010. The growth of China’s emissions from 2000-2010 is pretty staggering but not unexpected. They’re joining the emissions game later than the rest of the world and they’re running away with it.

To view and tweak the chart, click here. [Guardian. Chart created by Craig Bloodworth, The Information Lab]


China VS US: CO2 Emissions From Fossil Fuels Is The Most Depressing Infographic We’ll Post Today

US vs China: CO2 Emissions from fossil fuel consumptionThis graphic doesn’t require much of an explanation. Unfortunately, it’s what you’d expect when you add half a billion monied consumers. [Sightline. Graphic by Good Measures]