Starbucks Solution For Their Non-Recyclable Cup Problem: Charge $1 For A Reusable Plastic Version.

Starbucks new reusable cup.After years spent trying to perfect the recyclable cup, Starbucks has figured out a solution: sell a reusable plastic cup for $1, that looks like a disposable Starbucks cup, and then encourage people to reuse it by offering a $.10 discount on any drink served in the cup (aren’t they already doing this?). The $1 reusable cup was test marketed in the Pacific Northwest where Starbucks found that 26% of the reusable cups were reused. Not sure if this is a temporary fix or the final solution taken from their Cup Summits.

Reusable cup penance for sale?
The 26% reuse rate is better than a “poke in the eye” but I’m hoping the new reusable Starbucks cup will give returning customers $1 of additional motivation to remember to bring in a cup they already own and avoid the plastic reusable model. It feels like Starbucks has gone full-circle on this and instead of encouraging customers to bring in their own cup, they’re now selling us a $1 plastic reusable cup that we’re still likely to forget… or just throw out. [Gizmodo]


Just Added Kopi Luwak (Civet Turd Coffee) To My Unbucket List.

Don't Drink Kopi Luwak!!!The first guy to brew and drink Kopi Luwak coffee deserves a Jubbling patch – the people drinking it today deserve a nut-shot. Kopi Luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee, is made from post-digested coffee berry beans that are dug out of Asian palm civet crap. A pound of this shitted coffee sells for $230. The popularity of Kopi Luwak coffee has skyrocketed thanks in part to a mention of the drink in the 2007 film “The Bucket List.” Unfortunately, the Asian palm civet hasn’t benefited from the boom. The Guardian posted an article on how the crazy interest in Kopi Luwak has led to force-fed farming conditions for the Asian palm civet that can only be compared to the gluttony scene in the film Se7en.

Sorry Kopi Luwak, you are now on my unbucket list. Mr. Kopi Luwak (?) was a Jubbling award winner when he dug some beans out of a Asian civet dookie, roasted it and then plugged his nose and drank the first sip of the drink that now bears his name. Jubbling can’t help but feel that choosing to drink it today would make you feel like how Kopi Luwak is delivered. [Guardian]


Free Brewed Coffee From Starbucks If You Bring In A Traveler Mug on Earth Day

Starbucks Coffee TumblerFor the second year, Starbucks will be offering customers a free cup of brewed coffee if they bring in their own or purchase a new traveler mug. It’s an Earth Day thing and it will be occurring all day on April 22nd in the US and Canada. My guess is that if Starbucks offered free brewed coffee randomly throughout the year, they could get their customers more into the habit of bringing in their own mugs.


Cool Idea From Starbucks Reuseable Travel Mug Doubles As Gift Card

Great article from Inhabitat’s coffee drinkers are suggesting that Starbucks could motivate customers to bring in their own mugs, commuter or standard, if they doubled as a gift card. It’s an especially great idea over the next couple years until Starbucks manufacturers their own recyclable cups. The hell with that – it’s a great idea even when they do have the recyclable cups!

Our own Jubbling spin on the idea: maybe as an added incentive, Starbucks could randomly add drinks to the accounts of commuter cup-card users. A little sweepstakes to mix with my daily caffeine would be nice morning jolt.