Solar Porn: Apple Computer’s North Carolina Solar Farm.

Apple Computer's North Carolina solar farm.Covering 100 acres, Apple Computer’s North Carolina solar farm will be able to generate 20 MW of electricity. That’s enough to supply electricity to 630+ homes or in this case, partially supply Apple’s new data center with renewable power. [GigaOM and WCNC]


The Orée Board Is A Wireless Wooden Keyboard That Might’ve Been Inspired By

The Orée Board.  Wireless and sustainable computer keyboard.The Orée Board from Orée Design is a cool, wireless and sustainable keyboard that is made from a single piece of wood – walnut or maple. Awesome. But the first thing I thought of when I saw the Orée Board on Inhabitat was the scambaiting website, 419eater, and the wooden keyboard hand-built by a Nigerian scammer who had the tables turned on him. If you get a chance, you have to read the full story on 419eater.

The Incredible Shrinking Artwork - 419eater.

A mouse chewed through the keyboard! 2006

The wireless, wooden, sustainable Orée keyboard – great; keep them coming. But remember to keep an eye out for mice. Thanks Mikey! [Inhabitat and]


Personal Energy Orb (PEO) Motivates Computer User To Ride Their Bike… Or Get Angry At Their Mouse.

The Personal Energy Orb (PEO) wants you to get off your computer and ride your bike. If you don’t, your computer mouse will move around the screen sluggishly until you recharge it with a bike ride.

Good intent but probably not a viable idea. With a deadline to meet and your mouse not keeping up, the color-changing globe has “unplug me and throw me against the wall” written all over it. And the over-sized glowing globe itself, when magnetically attached to your bike for recharging, announces that you should be mugged and/or beaten.

Stamina InStride Cycle Pedal ExerciserNow if the creators figured out a way to recharge the PEO in the home or office by connecting it to something like the Stamina Pedal Exerciser, they could have something. They’ll still encourage exercise which stays in line with their product’s goal.

A commenter on PEO’s Vimeo page points out that “PEO” is the Spanish word for fart but please don’t change it. That alone could quadruple sales in Spain and Mexico. [Treehugger]


Facebook’s Prineville Oregon ‘Open Source’ Data Center

Facebook Prineville Oregon Data has a great article about Facebook’s new data center located in Prineville Oregon. The article focuses on General Manager Ken Patchett and his efforts to create a more efficient data center and his desire to share the information with other companies. From the article:

“With some companies I’ve worked for, your dog had more access to you than your family did during the course of the day. Here [at Facebook], my children have seen this data center. My wife has seen this data center…. We’ve had some people say, ‘Can we build this data center?’ And we say, ‘Of course, you can. Do you want the blueprints?’”

Some of the ways Facebook created a more efficient data center is by building their own larger and easier to cool servers, using outside air and captured water for cooling and generating some of their electricity via solar. And now Facebook wants to share their energy efficient data center design ideas with their competitors through the Open Compute Project. It could be considered a challenge or an olive branch but since it’s about increasing energy efficiency, Jubbling thinks it has to be good. []