Former Seattle Mariner, John Olerud, Is Using The Bible To Get His Neighbor To Cut Down A View Blocking Tree.

John Olerud.  Chinese Pine Tree.

“The Bible says, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.’ That’s Jesus’ commandment.”
John Olerud quoting the Bible to get a tree cut down.

When John Olerud joined the Seattle Mariners in 2000, he instantly became a fan favorite. He was the local kid who came home, played well and most of all, played with humility. That’s why it’s hard to read about his efforts to get his friend [former] and Clyde Hill neighbor to cut down a 50 year old Chinese pine tree to improve the view from his $4 million house built in 2009. Fortunately for Mr. Olerud, Clyde Hill is one of the first cities in the nation that has a process to condemn and remove trees that block scenic views and sunlight.

It’s crazy to think that a 50 year old tree can be legally removed to improve the view of a 3 year old home. But what’s worse is that the person I thought was one of the good guys in sports would fight his neighbor’s desire to keep his tree and go even further by quoting scripture to get the city to remove it. [Seattle Times]


Are Homes Built Out Of Shipping Containers Truly Jubbling?

Six Oaks:  Shipping container vacation homeHomes made out of re-purposed shipping containers are all the rage now and getting the same love as the small homes in the tiny house movement. But are they Jubbling?

Shipping container home - Redondo BeachYes, they are Jubbling because these homes reuse retired shipping containers in place of new materials. Shipping containers are pest & fire resistant and virtually indestructible. But also “No” because in some recent examples, there’s nothing minimal about homes built out of shipping containers.

Inhabitat posted an article about Six Oaks (top picture) – a shipping container vacation home in California that was built by Modulus. According to the article, Six Oaks was built to:

“To minimize grading and site impact, the home’s footprint was designed to fit within the topography…”

So I’m starting to think the problem is with me and my jealous expectation that a shipping container vacation home to look like the one below and not the stacked beauties above that put my own house to shame. Home built out of shipping container - TaiwanHopefully, the people that build and live/vacation in shipping container homes don’t use a “greener than thou” attitude as an excuse to go bigger and construct a container-McMansion. Jubbling loves it when people build with re-purposed materials but we’re also rooted in the idea of consuming less. [Inhabitat]


Sponsored Article: The WaterBrick Stores Water And Can Be Repurposed As LEGO’ish Building Blocks.

The WaterBrickWhat do Jean-Michel Cousteau, the son of legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, musician Wyclef Jean and LEGO founder Ole Kirk Christiansen all have in common? Answer: the WaterBrick. What’s a WaterBrick? Answer: what isn’t the WaterBrick? Wait, that’s another question.

The WaterBrick TableThe WaterBrick ( is a BPA-free food grade storage container designed to hold 3.5 gallons of water, or food, or anything that needs to be kept dry and safe thanks to the rubber gasket under the lid. It’s stackable to over four feet high and can be held firm with stakes or bungee cords. It’s much easier to carry than large buckets due to the included handle and it can be frozen, palletized and dropped from planes into remote parts of the world and is guaranteed not to break or crack for 15 years. The container, once emptied of its contents, can be repurposed to build transitional or basic housing and when filled with sand or gravel it can absorb NATO rounds better than sandbags. LEGOs – eat your heart out.

The idea for the versatile vessel began in 2003 during a conversation between WaterBrick International founder Wendell Adams and friend Jean-Michel Cousteau. Their casual conversation turned challenge focused on lessening worldwide plastic waste through recycling efforts. The central Florida-based company emerged along with a new way to bring food and water to impoverished parts of the world as well as victims of natural disasters. WaterBricks have been extensively used in Haiti’s earthquake aftermath (hence the Wyclef reference – he wanted to be the Haiti president) with thousands having been already shipped to Port-au-Prince. In fact, the WaterBrick was always about a humanitarian emphasis and less about everyday consumers. It just so happens that a good idea will always find its way across borders and repel labels while changing minds, unlike glow-in-the-dark fishing worms, or those helmets with built-in beer can holders and straws.Repurposing WaterBricks into standalone building.Humanitarian benefits, less waste, repurposing plastic, emergency preparedness and camping – can you say “Jubbling!” in Danish? Buckets are for chumps, but bricks will make you seem smarter than you actually are – just not as smart as Cousteau’s flipper friends.


Dateline China: Energy Efficient 30-Story Hotel Built In 15 Days (Video).

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]

Pre-Fabricated T30 Hotel By BROAD Group China

Completed T30 Hotel

Built in only 15 days by the BROAD Sustainable Building (BSB) division of the BROAD Group, which specializes in the manufacture of air conditioning units, the T30 hotel is a marvel of pre-fabricated construction. At 30 stories and with 170,000 square feet of floorspace, the T30 also claims to be 5 times more energy efficient than a comparable sized hotel thanks to features like 4 pane windows, external solar shading, and a heat recovery system. Due in part to BSB’s decision to incorporate energy efficient ideas into T30’s construction, the hotel is receiving quite a few mentions on sustainably focused websites including Treehugger, Inhabitat, and Smart Planet.

Jubbling’s take: The next time we’re in China, we’ll choose to stay in the two story hotel that took one year to build instead. No offense but after seeing the pictures below, we don’t want to take any chances. Haste makes waste.

Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 1 Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 2 Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 3

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