’50 Easy Ways To Be Greener (And Save Money)’ YouTube Video.

video “50 Easy Ways to be Greener (and Save Money)” is about easily implementable tips that will reduce your consumption and save you some coin. It’s worth your time to watch this 6 minute video. [Upworthy]


Air Pollution In Beijing Hits Level ‘Crazy’: The Hard-To-Hide Cost Of China’s Technological Revolution.

Air pollution in Beijing China off the charts.

“What an awful ‘welcome’ back to Beijing it is, never seen it so bad. My apartment is on the 22nd floor and at times I can’t see the ground below the smog is so thick. Think I might take up smoking to get some fresh air.”
– Balmerino comment on “Top tip if you’re going out in Beijing: don’t breathe”

This last weekend, air quality instruments measuring lung-damaging tiny particulate matter (PM2.5) in Beijing went nuts and reached 600 micrograms per square meter (MPSM) – and it’s expected to go higher! According to the World Health Organization, 25 MPSM is considered a safe level.

We all have a role in Beijing’s crazy air pollution and we’ll all have to share the results. It’s the not-so hidden cost of China’s economic growth spurred by consumers around the world. [Guardian]


2012 Was Hottest Year Ever In The United States.

State of the Climate - NCDC and NOAAWe’re #1? Hardly. Breaking the warmest yearly temperature record is not one that we should be proud of and hopefully, it won’t be a record we break every year. From e360:

“In its annual State of the Climate Report, NOAA said the average temperature during the year was 55.3 degrees F, about 3.2 degrees warmer than the 20th century average and 1 degree warmer than the previous high, recorded in 1998.”

The United States’ record breaking warm 2012 wasn’t isolated to one season – it was spread out over the fourth warmest winter (bronze), second warmest summer (silver) and the warmest spring ever recorded (gold). Check out the full State of the Climate Report from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. [e360]


Senator Jim Inhofe Is Our Cymbal-Playing Performer Of The Week.

Senator Jim Inhofe:  The Cymbal Playing Monkey In The RoomSome people thrive on negative attention. Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is perfect example. His irrational effort to hoaxify global warming and climate change is fact-defying and all part of his performance to frustrate the movement. Inhofe is a fossil-fuel bought bad guy who welcomes the boos because he knows he’ll never get the cheers.

At a recent Senate committee meeting on the environment and public works, Sen. Inhofe got on his soap-box again and acted like an industry-tool. He continued with his climate change denying message while pushing for more drilling. George Monbiot of the Guardian wrote about how protecting the environment will always hit a wall as long as politicians, like Inhofe, are in the back-pocket of corporations.

Angry looking Stay Puft Marshmallow ManWe feel like any effort to limit what corporations and PACs can give to members of congress will never succeed. That’s why Jubbling has decided to fight back by going Inhofe-free for the next 30 60 days. We realize now that he’s kind of like the Stay Puft marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters movie and gets stronger from negative energy. If we all ignore Inhofe’s message, he’ll lose his power.

So, sorry Senator Inhofe but Jubbling’s done with you. Our feeling is that if we don’t react to your brand of sponsored crazy, you won’t be of any value to the folks feeding your re-election coffers. Without funding, you’ll go away. [Guardian]

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High/Low Temperature Records: Simple Pie Chart Points To Climate Change. Simple Deniers See Pretty Colors; Eat Pie.

Record High/Low Temperature Pie Charts Point To Warming In US

(Image: ClimateCentral.org)

High and low temperature records should even out each year according to a UCAR study. That’s not happening. Here’s more from the study as posted on Climate Central:

“The study used computer models to project how the records ratios might shift in future decades as the amount of greenhouse gases in the air continues to increase. The results showed that the ratio of daily record highs to daily record lows in the lower 48 states could soar to 20-to-1 by mid-century, and 50-to-1 by 2100.”

Granted, the year isn’t over yet but for the first half of 2012 and for future years, it’s not looking very promising. [Climate Central]


21,000 Word Oxford English Dictionary + First Google Image = 1,240 Page Book Of Unnecessary Waste?

1,240 Google image book for each of the 21,000 Oxford English Dictionary wordsLondon based artist/designers Felix Heyes and Ben West put together a 1,240 page book of the first picture that appears in a Google image search for all 21,000 words in the Oxford English Dictionary. Ben West described the book as:

“It’s really an unfiltered, uncritical record of the state of human culture in 2012,”

Mr. West is probably correct that the top Google image results is a reflection of society at a specific moment in time. Much in the same way printing and hoping to sell this massive beast of a book is also a good reflection of our “if you can afford it, you can consume it” lifestyle at this moment in time.

On the slightly bright side, the book did inspire me to look up the Google image for unnecessary.

Google image for the word Unnecessary
Not sure what to make of it but at least now, I only have 20,999 Oxford English Dictionary words and Google images to go. [TechCrunch via Good]