Jubbling To Geoengineers: Um, Any Chance We Could Put The Whole Space Mirror Thing To Rest?

Space mirror makes the sun look fat.Have you read the book Contact by Carl Sagan or seen the movie with Jodie Foster? Well it’s entertaining and tells the story of nations coming together and spending trillions of dollars to send space travelers through wormholes in order to reach the source of a message from the Milky Way galaxy. It sounds far flung but when the story is compared to the Live Science article, Could Space Mirrors Stop Global Warming?, which is about installing a Greenland sized space mirror to block the sun’s rays, the space-transport effort in Contact seems more plausible.

In all fairness, the article doesn’t recommend space mirrors but explains how they should and couldn’t work. Some of the key points are that it would take a fleet of 5 million spacecraft in order to install 600,000 sq. miles of space mirrors. The mirrors would then have to be interconnected in space with the goal of blocking 1-2% of the sun’s rays. And oh, the gains from reflecting the solar radiation with the space mirrors might take 50 years to reverse / slow down the effects global warming. I would go into more detail about space mirrors, including the trillions2 it would cost, but you just have to read the article to get the full craziness.

So scientists, at your next climate conference, don’t get suckered and just walk past the table with the signup sheet for the Space Mirror Feasibility Committee. Space mirrors are a goof, possibly put out by climate deniers, that’ll waste your time. Avoiding is a better alternative to pursuing this nut-brain idea. [Live Science]


Call It What You Will: Geoengineering or Climate Remediation. Either Way, Here Comes Crazy.

Geoengineering and Climate RemediationIf you haven’t seen the movies Contact, Deep Impact or Armageddon, you might want to soon to get an idea of what may have to happen on a national level to change the weather and outlook for our planet. The NY Times has a pretty scary article, Group Urges Research Into Aggressive Efforts to Fight Climate Change, that describes a bipartisan panel of scientists, former government officials, national security experts and their efforts to directly affect the earth’s climate and lower its temperature. The panel of 18 was brought together by the Bipartisan Policy Center and they’re acting on a United Nations report that global temperatures have risen 1.3 degrees in the last 100 years. We are not changing our ways enough to cutback on greenhouse gas emissions so the panel is investigating some pretty far out measures for curbing them. They include:

“Scattering particles in the air to mimic the cooling effect of volcanoes or stationing orbiting mirrors in space to reflect sunlight. A secondary technique includes spewing ocean water into the air to form clouds. – NY Times

The ideas behind geoengineering and climate remediation are not new and have been floated around for years. But the discussion has already expanded its reach from the national to a global arena and so has the scope of the potential fallout from any implementation. Check out the article and decide for yourself if this is to scare you or if it’s getting too real.