The Burgers At Bob’s Burger In Brazil Are So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper. People Eat The Wrapper.

Bob's Burger - So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper.

Tried to Google translate the burger wrapper but failed.

Whether customers of Bob’s actually consume the wrapper is not important. The idea of having an edible wrapper that not only holds the burger together but also reduces waste may be a good idea. Make the bag edible and it’s genius. [Laughing Squid]


When Jubbling Goes Bad: Taking Two Trips To Bring 31 Preschoolers To A Restaurant In A Compact Car.

Melanie Minnie takes 31 preschoolers out for lunch in a subcompact car.Melanie Minnie, a preschool teacher in Pretoria SA, wanted to take her class of 31 preschoolers out for a celebratory lunch at a local mall. Ms. Driver didn’t have a bus available so she loaded the little buggers into her Renault Clio, a subcompact five-door hatchback, and it ended up only taking two trips to get them to the restaurant. How did she do it? She packed and drove 12 kids in the first trip and the remaining 19 in the second. Ms. Minnie did get caught by the police, and received a $170 ticket, when she returned to take the last 19 kids back to their preschool.

As much as we love Ms. Minnie’s carpool Jubbling, we do not approve her decision to drive 31 kids in two trips. Now three trips is reasonable but doing it in two is just showing off. [Yahoo]


Jubbling Should Not Be A Crime: Kentucky Restaurant Closed Down After Rolling In The Roadkill.

Red Flower Chinese RestaurantThe Red Flower Chinese Restaurant really screwed up by rolling some freshly road-killed deer through their front door. Pretty amateur if you ask me. One patron’s take:

“There was this tail, a big, white, fuzzy, tail. A leg was sticking out of the garbage can. One of the other employees was mopping up blood that was dripping out of the garbage and on to the floor.”

From the video, you know what the restaurant did is beyond sketchy when a Kentucky Environmental Health Inspector says it’s the craziest thing he’s ever seen.

Now Jubbling is a huge proponent of limiting food waste but we don’t recommend eating roadkill. If you’re cool with it and you find a newly departed opossum (possum-nuggets?) on the side of the road, bring it in through the back door and not the front. No sense in attracting a lot of pre-meal attention to your discovery and soon-to-be family dinner. [Consumerist]


Ok, Maybe We Shouldn’t Blindly Accept All High Walk Scores As Good…

Live Here Walk To Walmart & is a useful tool and eco favorite that helps people figure out how walkable their next home, apartment or condo is before they sign the papers. Not sure the walk score for this location is one that wants to highlight. [tcd]