Scottish Offshore Windfarm 11, Donald Trump 0.

Mr. Trump: You can save a little face and advertise on the wind turbines...

Ministers in Scotland have approved the windfarm project off the Aberdeen coast despite the opposition of windbag Donald Trump. The 11 wind turbine windfarm is expected to supply enough electricity to power half of the homes in Aberdeen. Supporters of the project should probably send Mr. Trump a fruit basket and thank you note for opposing it. His overseas asshole’ishness probably did more to push the project through than any other factor. [Guardian]


Donald Trump Evicts Glenfiddich Scotch From His Properties. Glenfiddich Receives Best Testimonial Ever!

2012 Spirit of Scotland Award winners - Top Scot Michael Forbes

Top Scot - Michael Forbes (front/center)

How do you get some free publicity for your product? Have Donald Trump tweet that he’s dropping it from all of his properties. The beneficiary of the positive publicity this time is The Glenfiddich Distillery after they named Michael Forbes as the recipient of their “Top Scot” at the 2012 Spirit of Scotland Awards.

Donald Trump tweets about Glenfiddich and Michael Forbes.

Farmer Michael Forbes was featured in the documentary “You’ve Been Trumped” about the Donalds bullying effort to build a golf resort on a formerly pristine section of Scottish coastline. In the film, Donald Trump refers to Michael Forbes as the “village idiot” for not backing down and selling his farm to Trump. Now, Mr. Forbes is the Top Scot and Glenfiddich has a new customer – me.

For the record, I’m not a single malt scotch drinker; my tastes are limited to the lower on-sale light beer shelf. But thanks to Mr. Trump’s seal of disapproval, the Glenfiddich single malt is impossible to resist and I’ going to take one for the team and buy a bottle.

Jubbling first wrote about Donald Trump’s Aberdeen golf course when he tried to block a wind farm project off the Scottish coast. His opposition to the off-shore wind turbines followed his usual tactic of threats and name calling. It makes it so easy, with the holidays approaching, to wish that Mr. Trump would be visited by 3 ghosts. [Grist]


Extreme Jubbling Video: Guy Driving Car Overloaded With Hay. Probably Can’t Hear Or See The Haters.

One of the comments about the video mentions that it’s Donald Trump’s hairpiece being delivered. That looks about right. [Buzzfeed]


“You’ve Been Trumped” Movie About The Dongald’s Dongish Effort To Build A Golf Resort On The Scottish Coast.

Having only watched the trailer for “You’ve Been Trumped,” I think I can safely predict how it goes. Donald Trump is a bully and a blowhard who probably takes pride in being despised on two continents. That’s why nothing prevents him from doing what he wants to do and his golf course, on a formerly pristine section of Scottish coastline, is a perfect example.

Want to reach him? Help him fail. Don’t play on the Aberdeen golf course and while you’re at it, ignore everything with Trump on it. He makes it so easy to spot and avoid. [NY Times]


Donald Trump Willing To Scrap Plans For Hotel And Housing At His Scottish Golf Resort If Wind Towers Go Up Offshore

Donald Trump’s bullying is continuing overseas and hopefully the folks behind the offshore wind turbines in Scotland won’t knuckle under. Trump has taken it to a new level and he is now threatening to not build the planned hotel and housing at his golf resort to protest Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group’s offshore wind turbines that his spokesperson Trump Wind Turbinedescribes as an “ugly industrial park directly off the shoreline.” Marine Scotland will decide soon if they’ll go forward with the turbines. For environmentalists, this could be a double-win – no more development on the protected Scottish coast and they get their wind turbines. But if they’re looking to compromise, we proposed a solution in Sep 2011 that might satisfy both parties – Trump gets to see his name and Scotland gets their renewable energy. [Bloomberg and Jubbling]


Scottish Wind Farm Builders, We Have A Solution To Get Donald Trump Off Your Backs.

Donald Trump is choosing to be an arse in Scotland because being a dong in the U.S. was not enough. First, he pushed through his plan to build a 36 hole golf resort just north of Aberdeen on a protected stretch of Scottish coastline and now he’s opposing the installation of an 11-turbine offshore wind farm. In his words they’re “big, ugly structures” and their installation would be “disastrous and environmentally irresponsible.”

The planning application for the wind farm was submitted by Marine Scotland in August 2011 and would be constructed under a joint venture between Vattenwall (utility), Technip (engineering) and the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group.

Now they could fight Trump or they could take our unsolicited advice on how to get his support and complete their wind farm project:

Trump - The Wind Turbine
Donald Trump loves seeing name and I’m sure his people will kick in for the cost of the decal. He’ll move on and you’ll get your clean energy – it’s a win win. Putting “Trump” on the blades would probably be overkill but you should leave that option open [because he loves seeing his name].