Siemens Builds World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbines And DONG Will Operate The Wind Farm.

World's Largest Wind Turbine - SiemensSiemens is building the massive 6-megawatt wind turbines and DONG Energy will manage the project off the Yorkshire coast. DONG’s long term plan is to install 300 of the Siemen’s wind turbines around the UK. It’s great to see DONG and Siemens working so well together. [e360]


DONG Snapping… Up Offshore Wind Farms.

Dong snaps up offshore wind farm headline.This is actually good news for wind power. According to DONG CEO, Carsten Krogsgaard Thomsen, DONG is expanding its offshore wind farm properties to “strengthen our already ambitious development pipeline in German waters.”

This might be the only time an article opens with the headline DONG Snaps and it’s a good thing. [Business Green]


NQJW Ninth Edition: Las Vegas Going Dry, Scrubba Wash Bag, More DONG… Energy News

Stories that are not quite Jub-Worthy There are stories out there that merit the cycle of agonizing over our thoughts and limited writing abilities for four hours, and others that might be interesting but are just as well represented by a link. Here are those links.

  • Las Vegas bets on desert water pipeline as Nevada drinks itself dry – Lake Mead is drying up so what’s Las Vegas to do? Plan B is all about piping groundwater and drying out neighboring states. Conservation? That would be plan Z. [Guardian]
  • Las Vegas and Lake Mead - 1972-2010

  • Scrubba Your Clothes with This Washing Machine In a Bag
    [youtube width=”270″ height=”180″][/youtube]

    The Scrubba wash bag is a great solution for people in the wilds who actually care about how they smell. Double bonus: the Scrubba wash bag comes with a clothesline. [Gizmodo]

  • Dong Energy splashes out £40m on Centrica’s Irish Sea offshore wind plan – Positive news about wind power – awesome. Getting to mention DONG Energy again – awesome2. [Business Green]
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    Ok Kids, You Can Have Your LEGOs Back

    Parent company of LEGO Group invests in wind power.Kirkbi A/S, the parent company of LEGO Group, is investing $534 million into an offshore wind turbine farm built by DONG Energy off the coast of Germany. Their investment will give them a 32% stake in the operation that will produce 277 megawatts of electricity and qualify LEGO products as WindMade so they can attach the label to their packaging.

    Two nice things about this story: LEGO’s are now built [indirectly] by wind power and I get to drop a DONG [Energy] without calling somebody one. [Reuters via Grist]