Kids Today Are Not That Motivated… To Own A Car Or Get A Driver’s License

Kids Don't Care To Drive Or Get Their LicenseThe NY Times and Sightline posted refreshing articles about a drive less trend with teenagers. The NY Times story covered how kids today are not only less interested in driving but even fewer are bothering to get their license; only 46% did in 2008 versus 64% in 1998. And Sightline went further by explaining how driving as a whole fell by 2% in 2011.

It’s gotten so bad that General Motors / Chevrolet has turned to MTV Scratch, a division of Viacom, to help improve their image with the around 20 crowd who’d rather social media than drive. The high price of gasoline and environmental concerns are other reasons why the kids aren’t driving and GM wants to reverse the pattern.

For Jubbling, the idea of public service extends beyond non-profits and we’d like to help General Motors and their Chevrolet line of vehicles by offering some FREE suggestions on marketing to the kids. Inspired by the programming on MTV, we’ve thrown together a couple ideas to improve the image of Chevy vehicles with the youth in this country:

Ride The “Sitch” Chevy Camaro
The Situation Camaro
This is a winner and solid gold with the young ladies. The “Ride The Sitch” Chevy Camaro will not only have the Situation’s mug on the driver’s door, but it should also have an air-brushed photo of his abs on the hood too.

16 and Pregnant Chevy Tahoe
Chevy Tahoe - 16 And Pregnant Edition
The Chevy Tahoe Sixteen and Pregnant edition can’t miss. It’s decorated with mugshots of past cast members and includes a suggestive, and yet classy, message offering to help people join the tv show.

GM is bound to get results with these complimentary marketing ideas from Jubbling. No, we’re not trying to chase their potential market away from these vehicles with poor fuel economy numbers. The Generation Z kids like to think for themselves and the repellant marketing approach is the most effective way to reach them. Good luck!


Might As Well Start Driving NOW As If Gas Costs $5+ Per Gallon

Metered driving.The NY Times Green blog posted an article, What Next for Gas Prices?, in which fuel prices were tracked and shown to have risen $.13 in one week and $.30 over one month. From Feb 1 – Mar 1 2012 in Seattle, gas prices have risen by almost $.50 and is now selling for over $4.00 per gallon. The price of gas has become a huge political issue that could determine the results of the 2012 US Presidential election.

What’s Jubbling’s take? We think you should ignore the politics and drive as if gas already costs $5/gallon. Heck, make it $10/gallon. It’s a very simple mindset change but one that most people wouldn’t consider. Do you really need to make that quick trip to the grocery store to buy beer when you already have a fifth of vodka? Improvise and find ways to avoid the impulse drives because in your mind, it cost you $100+ to fill your tank. It’s a mental cushion that is similar to setting your watch ahead by 15 minutes so you always feel late.

Carpooling, grouping your needed trips into one or driving a hybrid are all great. But finding ways to drive less is the key because the imagined $5+ per gallon of gas in your tank is not a sunk cost. It’s a meter that is running and dropping the value of the gasoline in your tank every time you drive your car.