DIY Scrap Wood iPhone Stand, Meet The iDuplo Stand

DIY scrap wood iPhone standKate Pruitt’s iPhone stand on Design Sponge is about as minimal as you can get. Built out of scrap wood, the Jubblinged up stand takes about 15 minutes to build and costs next to nothing. Any search on iPhone stands and you’ll get prices ranging from a basic model for $5.00 all the way up to $30,000 for the iNuke dock/speaker that is the size of a small car.

Kate’s stand is perfectly uncomplicated and best of all, it inspired me to build an iPhone stand of my own. I’ve been using the sticky bottom of a remote control and some ABC gum to prop my iPhone and it’s not the best solution. iDuplo iPhone Stand So I raided the kids toy box and 2 minutes later, Voilà – iDuplo iPhone stand. Duplos, which are Legos chunkier cousin, are easy to build with and the stand I created works. I’m still waiting for my Sonastand but until it arrives, iDuplo iPhone stand is perfect. [Design Sponge via Treehugger]


Jubbling Holiday Shopping Guide: Avoid Toys That Just Do The Endless Loop

It’s not K’nex fault for creating a looping roller coaster that my son really wanted – it’s kind of my fault for saying “go ahead, use your birthday money to buy it.” We spent one hour building it, 30 minutes watching it loop and within 24 hours, lost a key part so it wouldn’t work. Now it’s an inoperable reminder of what we shouldn’t purchase in the future. I’ve discovered that looping and boring are interchangeable when it comes to kids toys.

New or used Legos/Duplos are different. They make a great holiday gift because they are practically indestructible and every creation can be different. Your kids can construct a castle one day and then build a soon-to-be destroyed voodoo version of their sibling the next.