Taking A Helicopter To A Climate Science Event. Are Eco-Celebrities That Disconnected And Oblivious?

Will.i.am and Dr. Myles Allen - weatherathome

“And it’s confusing that if you ask a random person on the street about climate change, then they’ve been given five different versions of why it’s not even an issue. So who is causing the confusion and why isn’t it even a priority?”
Will.i.am’s frustration over people not understanding climate change, Guardian

Maybe there just wasn’t a suitable runway nearby for a private plane but Will.i.am’s helicopter arrival at a climate event in the UK is getting more play than his meeting with Dr. Myles Allen. Dr. Allen met with Will.i.am to discuss the weatherathome project which uses the spare processing power and collected data from thousands of volunteered remote computers to make future weather pattern predictions. The Guardian reported that the meeting went well but they also had to question the helicopter.

In May 2010, we posted an article about eco-Hollywoodians and how they tell us about how to live ‘green’ in a “do as I say but not as I do” way. Not only is their message lost on regular people but the way they preach it borders on offensive. Will.i.am obviously didn’t think helicoptering into this meeting on climate change was that big of a deal or he wouldn’t have done it. But it’s kind of like cluelessly bringing a meat lovers pizza to a PETA event.

Now don’t get me wrong, celebrities like Will.i.am can make an appearance, or just tweet one, and have more of a positive effect on an issue than the average person. But for futures, please don’t point to our “confusion” when it comes to our understanding climate change when it was you that showed up in a helicopter. [Guardian]


Hollywood Love$ Green Message$. How Does It Feel About Jubbling?

Thank you CSRwire for reminding me of one of the reasons I got into Jubbling. They just posted an article about the entertainment industry’s internal efforts to produce television programs and movies more sustainably by using some combination of improved efficiency, use of renewable power sources and carbon offsets. Jubbling is all good with this, with the exception of carbon offsets, and we hope they are only met with success.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

But wait, what about consumption? If a studio was approached with a can’t miss idea that would consume $400 million in resources but would make $2 billion – would they bite on it? Of course they would. Now imagine that movie was going to have a pro-environmental message – could they still swing it? Of course they could. That is the irony of it all and why it’s so difficult to buy into the entertainment industry’s statements that sound good but are not rooted in Jubbling. Consumption is justified as long as a movie is successful – it’s ultimately about the bottomline.

This is where the actors/actresses come in. It sure would be nice to see all of the Prius driving, electric car loving, eco-Hollywoodians take a stand against producing or starring in movies built on consumption in order to support a consistent message. Not just about asking for a smaller trailer with solar panels or hiring a green caterer, but really showing the same commitment to Jubbling that they want to show in their personal lives.

Scene from Batman The Dark Knight
Batman: The Dark Knight

Now I’m not suggesting that actors share a tent on a movie set but maybe they could use their clout to convince the studio that blowing up 2 cars can be just as effective as destroying 10. Or convincing the director that bringing down a CGI building will have just as much impact as demolishing a actual structure. Even further, maybe studios could share sets and technology so they don’t have to duplicate their efforts in order to produce films. An extension of the “open source” idea found in software development.

I’m probably way off base to suggest this and extremely naive to the inner workings of the entertainment industry. And it’s difficult to not kick my own ass and feel a little hypocritical when I am in line waiting to see one of these huge Hollywood blockbusters. But these changes could be seamless and the movie or show’s message can still be delivered. And then productions could be appreciated for what they didn’t consume in order to entertain us.

The root idea behind Jubbling is to encourage people to try and consume less. It’s not a competition and that is why we have to applaud any effort to reduce. Even so, it would be great to see the entertainment industry take a stand and immerse themselves into Jubbling rather than just dabble in it so they can finally put into practice what their stars like to preach.