A Jubbling Exclusive: We Discovered What Happens To The Ostrich Pillow When It Grows Up.

Ostrich PillowThe micro-environment creating Ostrich Pillow is an in-office, in-airport, in-park and in-stuck in traffic nap generating chunk of awesomeness. It even made it on Treehugger (Eco-Friendly Mag) and Ecouterre. Jubbling had to find out more about the Ostrich Pillow and that’s when we stumbled upon the cold weather bodysuit (Ostrich Pillow 2.0?) from Femke Agema.

Femke Agema designed cold weather body suit.
Watch your ass Snuggie! [Femke Agema via Neatorama]


Turning On The Rima LED Light Is Like Opening A Curtain. May Be The Coolest LED Light I Can’t Afford.

The Rima light has 56 LEDs and was designed by Matthias Pinkert for the German lighting company Dreipuls. The Rima light lets the user slide its 4 rings, like opening a curtain, to adjust and create the perfect amount of light for their application.

Unfortunately great design does come with a price – the Rima sells for approx $2400 (US). Looks like I’ll be sticking with the “Bite Me” edible LED light until the Rima reaches economies of scale. [Fast Co.Design]


The Edible ‘Bite Me’ LED Lamp From Victor Vetterlein Is Jubbling Squared.

Bite Me LED LampBite Me Lamp ingredients.Victor Vetterlein’s “Bite Me” LED desk lamp could be the stocking stuffer of the future. The edible Bite Me LED lamp is made out of biodegradable plastic derived from vegetable glycerin and agar (a gelatin made from sea algae). So if hunger strikes and your in a pinch, the Bite Me becomes the Eat Me lamp and can be consumed after you remove its LED light-source strip, clean it and then dunk it in water for about an hour. The Bite Me comes in 4 flavors – orange, cherry, blueberry and apple – and after a good soaking, your soon to be Ate Me lamp reportedly has the consistency of gummy bears. Is it a good idea to build consumable desk accessories? Jubbling thinks it should be mandatory. [Dezeen via Gizmodo]


WikiCell – The Food And Packaging You’re Supposed To Eat.

WikiCell Edible PackagingWikiCell wants to change the way food is delivered to consumers by creating edible packaging systems. Like a grape, future food will be encased in a skin made out of small particles of chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and held together by other natural and nutritious substances. Products that could be naturally packaged by WikiCells include juice, yogurt, ice cream and fruit (redundant?). I hope WikiCells edible skins do become a viable product and helps reduce the amount of wasteful packaging but the idea just seems too gimmicky;WikiCell Edible Food Packaging like something you’d get at an oxygen bar instead of packaging the food you’d buy to feed your family.

For now, buying in bulk as much as possible and preparing family meals with fewer processed ingredients is a good way to reduce the amount of food packaging you throw out. Also, look to the inspiration for WikiCells and rediscover naturally self-contained fruits and vegetables. [Fastco.Design]


So What Is SUPERGRAU’s KLOEZZE: Firewood For The 1% Or Jumbo Lincoln Logs… For The 1%?

SUPERGRAU's KLOEZZE  Designer FirewoodCore77 posted a hard-to-believe article about KLOEZZE designer firewood from German design firm SUPERGRAU. A KLOEZZE six-pack includes 3 pine, 2 oak and 1 cherry piece of designer firewood and sells for around $225. SUPERGRAU encourages potential customers to play with their KLOEZZE’s by stacking and sitting on them before setting them ablaze.

Roadside firewood sales.I’m sure KLOEZZE designer firewood burns like a champ but what I’d miss with it, besides the $225 I spent, would be the opportunity to negotiate and get a legitimate cord of wood from the roadside wood salesman and I’d miss the threat of spiders. If SUPERGRAU could figure out a way to introduce both of these features into the KLOEZZE experience, they might have another customer. Until then, I’m sticking with old-school.

SUPERGRAU KLOEZZE 6-packIf you get a chance, visit SUPERGRAU’s website. In my lifetime, I never thought I’d see an image of firewood sharing space with a magazine opened to a picture of a naked ass. At least I can check that off the bucket list… and now add it to my unbucket list. [Core77]


‘Eco-Friendly And Stylish’ Areaware Wood Flashlight. (Hint: Eco-Friendly and Stylish = Expensive)

Areawear Wood FlashlightGreat looking but you’ll pay through the nose for this $49 Areaware Wood Flashlight. It’s described as “eco-friendly and stylish” but when you think about flashlights and how they are mishandled, bright and durable are probably words you want to describe your flashlight. Not a good idea to invest $49 on a eco-stylish, eco-suavé wooden flashlight. [Gizmodo]