d.light: Making Solar-Powered Lighting Affordable

Inspired by an article on FastCompany.com.

d.light S1 Solar Powered Reading LightMost people sh#t a brick when they hear how much it costs for solar-powered anything but d.light is out to make solar more affordable. Their latest offering, the d.light S1, is a solar-powered study lamp that sells for around $10 and works for 4 hours on a full days’ charge. The best feature about d.light is that they’re not marketing their products to the eco-suavé – instead, d.light’s goal is to get their products in use so they don’t apply the “pay-more because we’re green” markup.

It’s great to see a company like d.light opting not to exploit the good intentions of conscientious consumers by demanding a premium price for their sustainable product. Check out their website to see their other offerings including the d.light S250, which sells for $45 and works as a solar-powered lantern and mobile phone charger.


Is A Compost Heated Shower For You?

[youtube width=”360″ height=”240″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdu-r4h5yAA[/youtube]
Inspired by the work of Jean Pain, Darren Doherty and his group built a compost heated shower that can dispense 40 gallons of warm water every 10 minutes. The water travels through 400′ of 1″ hose that is snaked through a 6′ x 6′ compost pile. The compost piles’ day and night internal temperature reached and has remained at 90 degrees since day one. At some point, they do think the pile will run out of heat and when it does, they’ll be left with some good compost.

By far the best part of the video occurs in the first 25 seconds where Darren walks in and out of the shower and then calls out to his lady friend, “come on out doll.” Jubbling aspires to reach this level of eco-suavé but judging by the spam we get, we have to accept that our groupies peddle upskirt porn and sell cheap Zoloft. [Treehugger.com]