The Burgers At Bob’s Burger In Brazil Are So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper. People Eat The Wrapper.

Bob's Burger - So Good You Can Eat The Wrapper.

Tried to Google translate the burger wrapper but failed.

Whether customers of Bob’s actually consume the wrapper is not important. The idea of having an edible wrapper that not only holds the burger together but also reduces waste may be a good idea. Make the bag edible and it’s genius. [Laughing Squid]


WikiCell – The Food And Packaging You’re Supposed To Eat.

WikiCell Edible PackagingWikiCell wants to change the way food is delivered to consumers by creating edible packaging systems. Like a grape, future food will be encased in a skin made out of small particles of chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and held together by other natural and nutritious substances. Products that could be naturally packaged by WikiCells include juice, yogurt, ice cream and fruit (redundant?). I hope WikiCells edible skins do become a viable product and helps reduce the amount of wasteful packaging but the idea just seems too gimmicky;WikiCell Edible Food Packaging like something you’d get at an oxygen bar instead of packaging the food you’d buy to feed your family.

For now, buying in bulk as much as possible and preparing family meals with fewer processed ingredients is a good way to reduce the amount of food packaging you throw out. Also, look to the inspiration for WikiCells and rediscover naturally self-contained fruits and vegetables. [Fastco.Design]