How Do You Motivate Southern Californians To Ride A Mass Transit? Make It A Party Train To Vegas And Hangover Aid Back.

X Train from Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. - Party Train

“If you party really hard, it sucks driving back,”
Current ‘Bro’ and future rider of the LA to Las Vegas Party Train

The Las Vegas Railway Express, founders of the X Train, hope SoCal residents will be making their trips to Vegas via rail instead of wheels in 2013. They’re pressing all the right buttons to generate interest in their LA to Las Vegas X Train “party train” and they’re even tapping into the aspects that are Jubbling. From LVRE’s website:

“And we have our green hat on too… Five year cumulative cars eliminated on I-15 – 4,461,600… Five year cumulative CO2 reduction from cars taken off the I-15 – 1,085,061,120 pounds. So all in all, the X Train is a pretty good deal for Las Vegas and you only have to wait another year for it all to begin.”

Good luck Las Vegas Railway Express. If your X Train party on rails hits it big – you will have proven that adding dancing and booze to mass transit is the key to increasing ridership. Get ready to ditch your rides car-huggers of Southern California. [Seattle Times]


CEMEX Cement Plant In Kentucky Reduced Emissions By Switching Power Source From Coal To Scrap Tires.

CEMEX-Kosmos Cement KilnThis is news to me – burning scrap tires to make cement is better for the environment than using coal. According to an article in the Courier-Journal, emissions of nitrogen oxides (a component of smog) have dropped by 37% ever since the CEMEX cement plant in Kosmos KY switched their fuel source from coal to scrap tires in December 2010.

From the Courier-Journal, here’s how the tire-powered cement kiln works:

“Two rollers grab a scrapped rubber tire before pitching it at 85 mph as far as 110 feet into the bowels of the kiln — where it vaporizes in an instant in 3,000-degree temperatures.”

We need our cement so we have to choose “what’s less worse”: coal (30 tons/hour) or recycled tires (3-6 tons/hour)?

After reading the article in C-J and watching the video, I couldn’t help feeling that CEMEX’s switch from coal to scrap tires isn’t going to end well. It’s kind of like the 1940’s advertisements with doctors recommending one cigarette brand over another. Consume less. [Courier-Journal]


Are We Being Dongs Again? The US, China And 24 Other Countries Refuse To Comply With European Union Airline Pollution Control Plan

airline emissionsThis is one of those posts where the title almost says it all. Here’s some info to help fill in a the gaps:

  • The European Union (EU) wants to address the issue of reducing airline emissions and greenhouse gases immediately.
  • The EU created a plan.
  • The US, China and 24 other nations don’t like the plan.
  • The US, China and 24 other nations want to work with the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to create a plan.
  • The EU thinks the US, China and 24 other nations are dragging their feet by waiting for ICAO to develop a plan.
  • The US House of Representatives passed a bill telling US airlines that they don’t have to abide by the EU plan.

Jubbling wishes we were on a plan. []

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How Do You Reduce Emissions From 18-Wheelers? Start With ATDynamics TrailerTail

ATDynamics TrailerTail With Some jubBLINGE-The Environmental Magazine posted an article, Pollution From Freight Transport, about how heavy-duty freight trucks were responsible for 77.8% of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 and how that percentage has continued to grow since 1990. The article also gives examples of what freight companies are doing to curb their pollution and emissions.

ATDynamics TrailerTail Being DeployedWe want to put ATDynamics TrailerTail back out there for consideration; we wrote about this product back in April 2011. The TrailerTail can be installed by 2 people in 1 hour and when the driver deploys it, the TrailerTail is certified to increase fuel efficiency by 6.6% when the truck is traveling at 65 mph. Your fuel savings will allow you to recoup the TrailerTail’s cost [$1500] in 1 year.

It’s truly a Jubbling no-brainer.


TrailerTail From ATDynamics Is Jubbling. With One Cosmetic Mod, It Could Be On Every Semi-Truck.

This post was inspired by an article on Cnet’s Crave Blog
Some people, when they hear the term TrailerTail, might get the wrong idea because for us, the TrailerTail by ATDynamics is one of those ideas that hits us square in the Jubbling. ATDynamic’s TrailerTail is a simple modification that when it’s deployed on a semi-truck trailer combo will reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency by 6.6%. According to ATDynamics, the TrailerTail takes about 4-5 hours to install on a semi and is manually activated or deactivated by the driver in seconds. The TrailerTail is constructed out of reinforced thermoplastic and will sell for $2,800 each or in a 10 pack for $18,000. According to ATDynamics, adding the TrailerTail and traveling at 65 mph can save a trucker up to 8 gallons of fuel per 1,000 miles traveled. If a semi travels 100,000 at 65 mph, the TrailerTail would save 800 gallons of fuel per year; it’ll basically pay for itself in one year of use. ATDynamics has also developed the ATD-Transtex Skirts that streamline a rig by closing the gap between the front and rear axle on the trailer with the same reinforced thermoplastic.

Another nice feature of ATDynamic’s product line and website is the fact that they don’t smear it with references to green and eco-friendly. Instead, they just focus on improved fuel efficiency and the reduced fuel expenses you’ll attain by adding their products. Now getting their product accepted by the trucking industry and truckers could be about the savings but Jubbling knows they might face additional hurdles and that is why we’ve come up with a slight product tweak that could put the TrailerTail over the top. Here is our open letter to ATDynamics.

Dear ATDynamics Sales Dept.,
You guys rock! TrailerTail is an amazing idea and it’s one that pays for itself within one year of use. And the best part is that you guys don’t pitch your product as green this or eco-that. The TrailerTail is the kind of product that can truly put a dent in the trucking industries consumption of fuel and in turn, reduce emissions. Lets face it – we need interstate transport so why not find ways to make it more efficient? You guys have done that.

I’m sure that selling your product to trucking companies and truckers is tricky and you’ll face some objections during the sales process. Truckers are individuals and some are independent and saving on fuel costs and reducing emissions surprisingly might not be enough to get the sale. You might have to turn your sales pitch to “11” because “10” won’t be enough (from Spinal Tap if you haven’t seen it yet).

So we tapped into the brain trust here at Jubbling and after many hard fought attempts and some tears, we’ve developed a solution that could help you reach an even higher close rate.
Modified ATDynamics TrailerTailPlease run with this – it’s our gift to you for developing such a simple, Jubblingized solution that will reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This same modification could be added to your ATD-Transtex Skirts too. You could refer to them as Skirts on Skirts.

Anyways, we look forward to hearing from you and a big 10-4.