Who’s More Energy Efficient: Red States Or Blue States?

Red state vs Blue State: Energy Consumption and rat's asses.Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass but if you do, here’s a link to “Red States Are Less Energy-Efficient Than Blue Ones: Another Partisan Divide?” The last thing we need to do is to push both sides further apart – blue states feeling all superior and red states caring even less about energy efficiency. [GTM]


A Winter Tip For The Clothesline Aficionado

Santa Pants On A ClotheslineHey summer clothesliners, don’t give up yet just because it’s getting cold outside. There are still ways to cut back on your dryer use even though you can’t hang your clothes outside. How? Easy, plastic coat hangers. What you need to do is simply take out the moisture-holding heavy cotton items (sweatshirts, t-shirts, pajamas etc.) from your washed clothes and hang them on plastic coat hangers to dry separately. You can then put the hangers on a shower curtain rod or low-traffic doorway to dry. I’ve found that separating reduced our drying times by 30-40% because including the heavy cotton items prevented everything else from getting dry.

Yes, it definitely raises the redneck by a factor of 10 having clothes drying all through your house but when you buy your Christmas tree from Goodwill, use a outdoor patio heater to cook bacon and make your kid wear your dress shoes that are 3 sizes too big – you really don’t have anywhere to go but up.

One last recommendation is to use one of these clip-n-drip hangers for your cotton socks and underwear. (Ignore this recommendation if you go sockless and commando.) Clip And Drip Clothes Dryer

Energy Efficiency: Making It A Red States VS Blue States Thing Isn’t Going To Make It Better

Red States vs Blue States on Energy Efficiency

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Yesterday, Grist.org posted an article, Why are all the ‘most efficient states’ blue states?, about the correlation between how states voted in the 2008 election and how they fared in American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s recent study on the energy efficiency of each state. The article explains how the blue states are more energy efficient and tended to vote for Obama whereas the red states are less efficient and voted for McCain. One of the comments below the article sought to push the blue vs red further by also comparing the same map of the US to draw the same link to obesity rates in each state.

Grist’s comparison is interesting but my fear is that articles like this magnify the differences and will only make the red states redder and the blue states bluer. It’s the greasers vs the socs all over again and it’s pushing both sides further apart. The solution has to transcend politics.


Solar And Wind Power Could Supply 100% Of US Energy By 2026

Wind Turbines and Solar PanelsThe 1973 movie Soylent Green predicted that due to over-population, we will be happily unaware and dining on humans in the year 2022. Four years after that, according to an article on Treehugger.com, the US could be getting 100% of its electricity from renewable wind and solar sources. Meeting this 100% renewable goal would be kind of simple: implement wind turbines and solar panels at the same rate as the Germans and do it to scale.

(Note: We’re pretty sure that our diet of Soylent Green from 2022 – 2026 was not factored into meeting this goal.)

[youtube width=”350″ height=”197″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVpN312hYgU[/youtube]